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Monday 12th November - Restless

It was a late night back last night primarily as it was a train journey in First Class on the 2021 from Manchester Piccadilly after the game and after The Love In My Heart had made some excellent chicken for tea with all the trimmings too. It was sad to leave The Love, and the train was pretty busy all round, some with fans who had booked a seat knowing it was going to be busy in standard, and others with those who wanted to upgrade. As a result it was the busiest I've ever seen, and still got some coffee and a little afternoon tea of a ham sandwich and a scone with jam and proper Rodda's clotted cream. That went down nicely.

I had managed to get home around 11.45pm and attempted to go straight to sleep, but couldn't do so as much as I could. I was tired after a long journey but knowing I had to stay awake to ensure I got the tube and train fine meant that I was a little bit more awakened by the fresh air. I did however manage eventually to get to sleep, probably had too much on the mind or indeed possibly celebrating too much still from the enthralment of the victory from earlier that day, as you do.

Work today was fine, it was mainly about some meetings and getting a few things organised and sorted out, and also road testing a few things too. In fact the good thing was that I had a chat with one of the Microsoft consultants and that was quite good because it re-emphasised that all the things we'd put in place for checks were all correct and present, and as such that meant that we just had to be sure that we'd then managed to look at other angles for a couple of current issues that we were having, so definitely a plus point there methinks. It does make me wonder too about what else isn't playing ball correctly.

In any case, for some reason, the train to and from work was very busy: much busier than normal. Whether it was the bad weather that was causing people to get on the train or just because it was a Monday and not any part of a school holiday I'm not sure, but certainly did seem a lot busier. I think also this may be that people are trying to get to work a little earlier and so finish a little earlier too, thus impacting. In fact the tube station side of Farringdon was hugely busy, with everyone crammed on to the platform and hardly any room for anyone to get off either - looked a tad dangerous to me.

Anyway, based on the excellent Queen film I saw at the weekend, it was time to put on my DVD-Audio full res 5.1 version of A Night At The Opera album, with the full surround mix lovingly crafted by the orignal producer Roy Thomas Baker along with Brian May too. And you can tell. It's so good, especially with the vocal harmonies really coming at you in nice surround, no more so than the epic vocal parts in the middle of The Prophet's Song, which is epic, and therefore tune of the day. If you get chance to get hold of it, please do..

Sunday 11th November - Derby Day Delight

I always feel nervous on Derby Day. Perhaps more so because it was a case of last season how we threw away a 2-0 lead at half time to lose 3-2, and because you can never predict the result either to be honest. I had a lovely breakfast thanks to The Love In My Heart and indeed we had a nice relaxing morning all told, having had a lie in and with Brian the cat snuggling up at the end of the bed, wanting a tummy tickle a bit of a fuss, purring away happily with his contentment.

After seeing some of the Champion of Champions snooker final, with Ronnie O'Sullivan and Kyren Wilson battling it out, it was a case of then heading to the Etihad with my friend, who was much more confident than me about getting a result today. I think it was because of the way we'd played the last two games, and had our customary brew to think about the game ahead. It was much busier than usual earlier to kick off, with most people heading in early due to extensive searches taking place before you went in and not wanting to miss a piece of the action.

It was certainly nice to have a poignant moment for Rememberance Sunday, having watched the Cenotaph ceremony earlier in the day. They did it right at City, had references to people who worked for both clubs who had died in the First World War, including the likes of Sandy Turnbull who won the FA Cup for both clubs, and with each club logo alongside the Manchester Remembers text, and the Last Post playing. Some idiots decided to boo the United flag - not good, it was not the place and that showed me that some fans still need educating properly about how to behave.

The game started and City went right on the attack with Bernardo Silva going close with a low drive, and also a few times runs down the channels were making chances. But with twelve minutes gone the ball came in from the left from Raheem Sterling, it went to Bernardo who hit it back across the box. It may have been a foul on Sergio Agüero but it didn't matter as David Silva was on hand to get the ball and smash it in for the opener. Delirium everywhere as we celebrated and it was so nice for him to score as well - he's had a habit of that lately it has to be said.

We did have some other chances first half, with Agüero going close after some good work down the left, and it really did feel like we were on top massively. I wasn't getting carried away though and knew that a second goal would help the nerves a bit. And a few minutes into that half, it came. Fernandinho robbed the ball in midfield and sent it forward, and Agüero did a one two with Riyad Mahrez before smashing it past De Gea in the United goal, with a ferocious pace to say the least. It was a cracking finish and 2-0, but still not getting too carried away as we were 2-0 up last time out in the derby.

Indeed as United made changes they brought Romelu Lukaku on and he was fouled shortly after by the City goalkeeper Ederson and gave away a penalty - again - for the second league game running. Anthony Martial stepped up and halved the deficit to 2-1 and it was game on for a bit, although City were still in control and looking forward it just was one mistake away from being all level, so concentration was of the highest order. Could we press on for a third as well though to make the game safe?

With a few minutes left, we got an answer, and then some. City were keeping ball, with the United players nowhere near. Twice it went down the right and back again and we kept pressing. Then as the ball went forward a superb pass from Bernardo Silva found sub Ilkay Gundogan unmarked, and he slotted the ball home. There were forty four passes in that move, and the timing of the run meant that the United defence were stationary as the ball was played through. Absolutely majestic stuff, and come full time we all belted out Supra's version of "Blue Moon" (tune of the day obviously) and were very happy at the 3-1 scoreline. The city is ours, and Manchester is blue.

Saturday 10th November - We Will Rock You

It was an early start for me this morning as I headed off to East Croydon station, and one train and tube journey later I was at London Euston, heading on the 0820 departure to Manchester Piccadilly. The good news was that I'd got my reserved seat, but it was pretty busy overall. Primarily because a number of West Ham fans were on their way to Huddersfield via Manchester for their away trip. They were a nice bunch though and appreciated Pablo Zabaleta as much as us Man City fans did, which was great to see of course.

The Love In My Heart came to meet me at Piccadilly station and we headed back to her place, where Brian the cat was all snuggled up on the duvet and having a well earned rest. He let me give him a lot of strokes and a love, which was nice, and then The Love sorted the bedding out, we had a coffee, and it was nice and chilled. We also went to see The Love's father and sort out putting up some pictures in frames that he had, and that was good to get done - it looked very nice when it was done too, so he was pleased.

When we got back to The Love's place, we sorted Brian out and then headed for the city centre on the tram. The Love still had enough left on her Vue gift card for one more film to go to, so we decided to go and see Bohemian Rhapsody, based of course on the story of Queen and Freddie Mercury in particular. We had got to the centre early and although some bars were busy, we managed to get a spot in Terrace on Thomas Street, and they had real cask ale so that was gorgeous, and it was a nice atmosphere in there too. We headed off later and off to the Printworks, understandably busy with people in town for the Tony Bellew fight at the Arena later that day.

We got the tickets for the 3.55pm screening and had to sit near the front, but that did mean no heads in the way, and thankfully everyone near us kept quiet which is always better when watching a film. It was a really good film too, especially as it even had nods to the early days of the band Smile, and how Freddie joined then before then becoming Queen later on. It was also good to see the relationship with Mary Austin featuring and how the record company exec (so well played by Mike Myers) had no idea how to handle the release of Bohemian Rhapsody either, and of course the rest as they say is history.

Lots of good highlights throughout, such as the Live Aid gig, painstakingly reproduced with the on stage actions being the same. Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury was really good, but I have to also give a suitable nod to Gwilym Lee who played Brian May was superb - the look alikeness was also great too. It was really good that plenty of time was given to some of the behind the scenes discussions over album tracks and how it was often John Deacon who was the calm influence - especially for Another One Bites The Dust. Granted, there may be some artistic licence I grant you, but it was a good film.

Needless to say as we headed back to Terrace for some tea later, I had the songs in my head, including the hugely under-rated "Love of My Life" (which is tune of the day) - and we had some nice food and drinks in Terrace actually. I had the ham and mushroom pizza which was thin, crispy and large and full of toppings, and The Love had the burger which also looked very good - and both mains less than a tenner each too. It was all very nice and lovely, and our afternoon and early evening out was all good. Brian the cat of course wanted lots of fuss and attention later which was more than deserved.

Friday 9th November - The Magic of the FA Cup

After a pretty positive day at work, and having written a good detailed document on the necessary SCCM ports required for the system to operate correctly (which should be something that our network folks will also find useful to ensure that there is a case of checking as required) - it was a reasonably okay journey home, with the train being slightly delayed but not too bad, and the rain holding off until I had at least arrived home, which definitely was a bonus.

Tonight was the start of the first round of the FA Cup, where the non-league sides who had made it through the qualifying rounds met the sides from League One and League Two if the draw went that way. Tonight was Haringey Borough, from the Isthmian League and the seventh tier of the football pyramid, against AFC Wimbledon of League One. It was of course a nice contrast in that Haringey were growing as a club and being a community club, much as AFC Wimbledon arose from the FA mess of moving the old club to become Franchise FC aka MK Dons.

The ground was a proper small ground, they had a 3G plastic pitch, and the rain and wind was making conditions difficult for the presenters, never mind the players. It was a proper cup tie all time round though and the game really was a case of being able to adapt to the conditions, with set pieces coming in thick and fast and chances being created. AFC Wimbledon looked the better side, but Haringey were giving it a good go, the goalkeeper in particular being really positive, getting the ball from corners, and being able to settle things down nicely for the team.

As the second half went on you were half thinking that it might end up being a 0-0 draw at the end, but unfortunately for Haringey, as the 90 minute mark came up, AFC Wimbledon headed down the left and a shot from Pinnock was deflected via the defender and into the Haringey goal, with not much time left for any form of comeback. The defender who was also a teacher was interviewed afterwards and you could tell he was absolutely gutted at the result as well, but should be proud at the way he and the team played too.

In the meantime the new Orbital album arrived and so I was giving that a play earlier. Interestingly the closing track has Professor Brian Cox narrating a piece on that, but when they're at their finest it's just purely lovely instrumental techno electronica pieces. One definite such example and tune of the day for me is "Tiny Foldable Cities" which was also one of the singles earlier on. There's a real sense of new electronica and some old school sounding instruments in there - very nice...

Thursday 8th November - The Cheque's In The Post

So today I arrived home from work, and checked my mail in the mailbox as I usually do. In there was a letter, and inside it was a cheque. Yes, very old school I know, but it was a cheque that I was actually pleased to finally get, and showed that perseverance does reap its own rewards if you were able to keep going and be determined in what you do. Needless to say, I'll be in the bank tomorrow to pay it in, as there's a branch of my bank literally down the road from work which is an added bonus.

So, what was it? Well, if you think back to May of this year and the new timetables for the trains, some went better than others and those that didn't work out very well at all was Thameslink, with lots of promises of such improvements but in fact the service got worse - a lot worse. Lots of cancellations, not enough drivers recruited to drive the trains (a problem that they still have now incidentally) and lack of route knowledge meaning that the trains had to go their previous alternate routes instead and not stop at London Bridge - not a bad thing necessarily but it did mean people diving off trains quickly at East Croydon for example.

Anyway, as I suspected, compensation was more than due and as such a scheme was launched for the regular travellers in order to claim their money back. In my case, it was only going to be a week's worth (for some other stations it was a month's worth) but I of course checked all my validity and then put the claim in. Initially, this was refused despite my proof of monthly Oyster ticket purchases because there was no journey history. Well, there wouldn't be due to TfL only keeping the last eight weeks. So I complained.

And Thameslink conceded that I was correct, and that if I had current proof of the same journey being made then that would be accepted. So all good, and that went back to them via email and I had a response from one of their staff to say that my claim would now be processed but would have to be manually and therefore a cheque would be sent. That was late September, and I had still heard nothing towards the end of October, so I had to send another email to chase them and remind that I was still owed payment as they had promised. Thing is, how many others would have given up at that point?

Anyway, so I got a response, and this time it was then another email to say that the claim was successful and the cheque would be raised. I was still thinking that it might be an attempt to effectively delay payment, and so was going to wait till sometime next week and then chase it up again. Thankfully it arrived and definitely was a case of being rather pleased with myself to get it at long last. In view of that, tune of the day is the excellent "Where Is It Going?" by Orbital - sums up where the cheque was with some brilliant trance tune too. Incidentally, I've ordered the new Orbital album too so am looking forward to hearing that.

Wednesday 7th November - A Walk Down Marylebone

I had had a good morning and managed to set off a final Windows WIM image that I needed to do, with the MDT task sequence now ensuring that for security reasons SMB 1.0 wasn't needed anymore, so that would definitely be a positive to exclude. In fact I got the first one ready, and made sure that was being copied and uploaded whilst I was in a seminar this afternoon with a couple of consultants from Microsoft, which went pretty well and explained some of the Office 365 extra bits and updates functionality that is now added into SCCM including making packages too - which is a nice touch actually.

I decided that a nice walk down Marylebone High Street was in the order of the day at lunch time - it always feels to be a bit of a slower pace and at the same time full of some life and verve too. Naturally this did mean heading towards Daunt Books and having a good mooch around the shelves and the sections, admiring the proper wood bookshelves and the sheer number of different categories and options available, including a huge travel section as well.

It was also nice to mooch around some of the other shops and it was a case of being able to admire the really nice displays that a lot of them are getting in for the next few weeks and the festive period coming up. It certainly felt classy and nice and being in my work clothes did at least mean that I was able to appear smart. The staff in most shops were lovely - and there's also a Waitrose too which is always very busy at lunchtime with everyone nipping in for their sandwiches and other assorted lunch items.

Notably of course the free coffee still exists, if you buy something from in Waitrose with your My Waitrose card, but you now have to bring your own mug for recycling reasons. That's all well and good, and commendable, but that does mean having to carry one around with you too. For someone who does travel light most of the time and doesn't want to be one of those people with a backpack on the back bumping into everyone and everything, not always ideal - maybe as an alternative charge an amount for a recyled paper cup so as to compromise in both cases?

But all in all it was rather nice to walk down and admire the lovely shops and be able to feel quite cosmopolitan. I know on a Saturday afternoon it was suitably nice too when I was here with The Love In My Heart and Mum, and I'm sure The Love and I would have to be back there at some point to mooch when all the festive displays and lights are up too. In the meantime, tune of the day is the excellent "Paddington" by Blancmange, which has a nice catchy hook and had the song in my head as I was walking along earlier..

Tuesday 6th November - Hunted and Home

It was good to be able to get out of work reasonably on time and head homewards, having managed to get a number of things done today and narrowed down nicely. In fact I had spent a couple of hours in a planning meeting with one of our project managers as well, and notably most of the people who should have been in the meeting didn't turn up, so there were only two or three of us. I know that plenty is going on at the moment, but at the same time I shared the view of one of my colleagues in that at least informing you that you weren't going to be there was at least common courtesy.

I did though manage to contribute a lot in that meeting and at the same time was able to put forward some honest views as to where we are and to where we are going to, so definitely for me it was a case of being able to be open and honest too. I do like the fact that a number of staff have embraced my methods of thinking and the no nonsense approach goes pretty far overall - and better to get on and do the job. I did have to stay back to assist with an issue and try to get something resolved, but it was useful to see what the issue was and be able to offer some useful advice.

Later on it was time for Celebrity Hunted, and after last week I suspected that Louis Smith was a tad too cocky wanting to spend time near the home town of Peterborough. Needless to say heading into a shop with hot tubs and hiding in one, with the hunters there, was effectively a sitting duck, so that was a relatively easy capture for them. I think that one of the unwritten rules of that show should be that unless you want to be captured, don't effectively head anywhere near your home turf. Sure, you may have some help but at the same time it's just way too risky.

Kay Burley was also captured and I was pleased about that. I think the stress of being with Jonny Mercer who was basically wanting to be a bit cocky and almost wind up the hunters was getting to her, so off she got out, and got a lift with someone in a Warburtons truck. The hunters were on the trail and at one point the truck almost rammed them as it went around in a circle. However the last laugh was on them as they found the depot where the truck had gone, and soon enough, another capture.

Amazingly despite their scrapes, Chris and Kem, formerly from Love Island, were still managing to escape, even going on to a radio show to wind up the Hunters after they had tweeted a picture of Kem's teddy bear that they had managed to get and place in the Hunters' lair. The ante was being upped by AJ Pritchard too with his mates attempting to box in one of the hunters but not managing it quite, but still, all set for a good finale next week. Admittedly, I do adore this show.

Afterwards it was time to relax with some classic 80s Industrial sounds including the likes of Cabaret Voltaire's seminal "I Want You" along with the great Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb co-operation tune "The Machineries of Joy". But perhaps and possibly controversially one of my favourite 80s sounds of that time was SPK's "Metal Dance" (and tune of the day) - definitely for me full of beats and Industrial sounds but I think some didn't like the fact Graeme Revell's girlfriend at the time was the singer. But yet the middle part with all the drums and clanging is just a perfect middle section too - awesome..

Monday 5th November - Bonfire Bonanza

I had a loud evening of organised fireworks displays for Bonfire Night going off in the local parks from when I got home from work to around 10pm. It looked pretty spectacular seeing all the sky being lit up by the displays as I looked out of the front room window, and at the same time thinking of how loud it was, and thinking about Brian the cat. He would have been really stressed out, poor thing, with all of that going on. In fact it was only some idiots letting off fireworks near the car park where The Love In My Heartt lives that caused him to not be a happy cat, and he needed lots of cuddles from The Love to reassure him everything was okay.

On the one hand near me, it did go to show that people would at least be prepared to go to organised displays and see a show for themselves that way instead of having some sparklers in the back garden along with other things setting off in all sorts of directions. For me at least I can remember that some of the family weren't always that keen on fireworks anyway, it was more about the family getting together when I was younger. I definitely think that is more the case with organised displays too.

Anyway earlier on I'd concluded the investigation I started on Friday. So effectively ad hoc networks are only supported in part on Windows 10 (even then Microsoft don't actually support it) and that's only if you're using a driver that even supports it in the first place. Intel ones definitely don't, which is what all of the wireless adapters within the machines we have all seem to have, and neither do the Marvell Yukon ones in some Surface Pros (and they're Intel in others, so easy to work out that this isn't really compatible.)

I always have an eye on these things to be sure that everything works the right way round, because they're a steer into our longer term aims at work anyway. Interestingly I also double checked a couple of other things and they appear to be working as intended, apart from one machine, where I suspect that actually what had happened was that because it needed to use a dedicated adapter, the registration of that device was before I'd added in the MAC addresses in SCCM of those adapters to allow duplicate registrations (those who use Surface Pros will understand where I am coming from.)

So a good day all in all, and one which ended with me ordering a few Christmas presents (it seems some retailers have started some sales already which is a good thing) and then from there having a bit of time to chill out with some Orbital. I've ordered their recent release "Monsters Exist" after their reformation last year, and it was time to put on their previous album "Wonky" on. The end track is just beautiful, so "Where Is It Going?" is definitely tune of the day - a proper nice way to relax.

Sunday 4th November - It's Only Six One

It was a nice relaxed morning with The Love In My Heart. We had breakfast together, and Brian the cat was just wanting a lot of fussing. I had had to nip over to Asda when it opened as we needed some bread for the toast for our breakfast, and had got Brian some Dreamies Mix with tuna and salmon as well as a little treat. Needless to say when I opened the bag he was right on it and was giving me that "oh, I look so cute please give me some" look which was pretty hard to resist. To be fair, he loved them and you could tell was rather pleased that someone as well as Mummy was giving him treats.

Later on it was off to the Etihad with my friend to watch Manchester City take on Southampton. After a good win in midweek against Fulham in the League Cup and getting past Tottenham on Monday night, hopes were high for a good performance and a win to take us two points clear at the top after Liverpool had drawn at Arsenal yesterday. Of course I wanted to be sure that City were going to do the business today especially with the Champions League midweek and then the Manchester derby next Sunday.

We got to the ground and had our customary brew and took our spot in Level 2. It was a bright day albeit not that sunny, but not weeing it down. Southampton had brought a fair number of fans considering the very long trip it was for them and the team looked good as the countdown to kick off commenced. Out came the teams, a blast of the classic Blue Moon by Supra (make that tune of the day) and it was off we went to see what we could do. And it was a case of not waiting very long either.

Oh no. In fact the ball was well worked between Leroy Sané and David Silva, and the ball was crossed in and found the Southampton defender Hoedt who kicked it into his own net. 1-0 City with six minutes gone. And six minutes later the lead was doubled as some superb work from Raheem Sterling on the right meant a simple cross across the box and for Sergio Agüero to score a tap in and his 150th Premier League goal for City - the second fastest to reach that total and only the third in history to do so for one team (Wayne Rooney and Thierry Henry being the other ones) - so esteemed company indeed.

City went for the kill and a few minutes later the ball was crossed from Sterling towards Sané's head. The header went to David Silva and he blasted it into the net for 3-0. It was almost game over already. Southampton did regroup though and Danny Ings earned a penalty which he scored himself for 3-1 and they did have a number of chances, only for right on half time for Agüero to recover the ball from the defender and place a cross towards Sterling, who after an initial stumble buried the ball home. So 4-1 at half time. Wowzers, amazing stuff again.

The second half was mainly played at a slower pace with Southampton having some chances but on the whole City in cruise control. Agüero headed forward on the break, saw Sterling on the right and the ball was buried through the keepers' legs in the back of the net for 5-1. And right at the end, with a number of fans already left, Sterling passed to Sané and his shot was fumbled in by the keeper for a final score of 6-1. The second 6-1 at home this season and the fourth league game with a five goal margin of victory, which is pretty epic stuff all round. All bodes well for next week and the derby then...

Saturday 3rd November - Birthdays and Bohemians

It was a nice relaxing morning with The Love In My Heart and Brian the cat: he was being as cute as usual, and wanting lots of food and Dreamies along the way. The Love made some lovely breakfast and we got ourselves ready, taking it all relatively easy for a Saturday. In fact I had slept pretty well overall so was pleased to be able to have rested somewhat and to get a nice fresh shower to wake up with - and certainly nice too just to wind down a bit and not have to rush off anywhere.

We headed to The Love's father's place, and had a good chat with him and The Love's sister, and her nephew called as well so it was nice to say hello to him from Taiwan and be able to catch up. He was explaining how he started to watch Bodyguard on Netflix which made us all giggle, because of course we'd seen the whole series on BBC before the show was sold over to Netflix for worldwide viewing. We did mention that it was a great series though and well worth watching to the end - and no spoilers from us, we wanted him to find out for himself along the way.

We had some time before heading off to my Mum's, so it was over to Levenshulme and indeed we noted a new shop opened where the bookmakers used to be - called So Marrakech. I must admit it was a nice shop, they had lots of home stuff and a coffee shop at the front where you could get nice coffee and cake too - a clever move that because it would get people in, and a good place also to be able to chill out. We went down the road to Station Hop where the cherry stout I had was simply gorgeous, and the atmosphere really nice all round. Damn it, why wasn't any of this here when I lived in Levenshulme till 2015?

Anyway, we headed to Mum's and all was nice. It was her birthday today and we'd taken her out last Saturday for a meal when she was at mine, and so dropped off her card and gift. It was nice actually because we could have a brew, some carrot cake and see both my brothers, especially as one was still over from Japan as well, so that was nice. In fact it was good to catch up generally and we were all quite relaxed - time went too quickly though and so we headed back to The Love's place later as Brian the cat would be wanting his tea for definite!

We headed to the local Chinese for tea later and I got the rather nice crispy shredded chilli beef, and The Love got the roast pork Kung Po, and we settled in for the evening with Pointless Celebrities and then Strictly Come Dancing. I must admit I did like Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice's dance the best, they really did come out and give it some. I also think that it was a case of either her or Ashley Roberts with Pasha Kovalev winning the thing - they both have been superb throughout. Tune of the day though is what was danced to earlier in the show - the ace "Call Me" by Blondie - an instant 80s classic.

Friday 2nd November - Back Up North

It was a good day today all told, primarily as I was able to get on with a number of things at the same time and to be able to carry out a thorough investigation into something I'd been asked to check over. In the old Windows 7 build they had an option for a specific ad hoc network for wireless, so users locally working as a team could connect with each other should they so desired. Having tried to do the same addition with the same wireless profile in Windows 10, it appeared not to play ball using the exact same profile and referencing the same network interface - which did strike me as rather odd.

Anyway, I decided to look into it a bit further, and so with a freshly built Windows 10 laptop, I dug down further. I made sure wireless only was on and then attempted to do the same command for adding the network with the XML file of the wireless profile. I noted an error code, which was intriguing. The error code came back to the fact that one of the connection types mentioned in the wireless profile appeared not to be fully supported. That was notable at least and gave me a second avenue of discovery.

I looked up more on the error code and managed to work out more what it was. Effectively, in the old days of ad hoc, you'd have a connection type of IBSS, and all was good. However, a number of wireless network card manufacturers decided that this sort of connection would be phased out in Windows 10, and with later drivers basically removed the functionality so that you couldn't add it. This was further proven by the fact on a lot of the web forums people were effectively rolling back drivers to the Windows 8.1 versions (in itself a little risky as most likely they're not WHQL signed either...) So intriguing stuff and more to check over on Monday morning.

I then headed off on the 27 bus to close to Euston and off to the Crown and Anchor pub for a nice pre-train drink, and I have to admit that the rather nice ale was on good form tonight, so pretty pleased all round really. It was cosy and I did get a seat, so was quite pleased to soak in the atmosphere and it was already dark outside due to the clocks going back, so for the next few months or so at least it's going to be like that on a Friday night train journey up, so worthy of note. I listened to some Kraftwerk on the train including the ace "Computerwelt" title track from the German version of said album so that's tune of the day for me.

I got to Manchester Piccadilly and The Love In My Heart was there for me, and we headed back to her place and Brian the cat even was being nice to me and letting him tickle his tummy (which he never does!) We snuggled up and watched some Gogglebox first of all with everyone being scared witless by one of the series on Netflix, then we watched most of The Last Leg, which was pretty funny - and nice to have AJ Pritchard and Lauren Steadman from Strictly Come Dancing on (Lauren is para-triathlon champion, so perfect to have on The Last Leg of course). It was good to be back up North with my love though.

Thursday 1st November - Haircut One November

So it was off to James Barbers in Wimbledon Park after work and to get my hair cut, which badly needed doing to be honest. It's not that far to walk from work to Edgware Road tube station to be honest, and you can walk along Crawford Street and see some very nice little places including a nice looking Swedish delicatessen, I may have to pop in at some point and see what nice beer that they have from that country, and possibly a good change on occasion - as they say a change is as good as the rest.

Once at Edgware Road the District Line train to Wimbledon was in, so it was a case of getting on and of course guaranteeing a seat as this is where it starts from, and heads down to Notting Hill Gate before then Earls Court and following Southbound past Fulham Broadway (nearest stop for Chelsea FC) and then over the River Thames at Putney and on its way towards Southfields and Wimbledon Park itself, and it's always good to head to the barbers, chat football, listen to some decent tunes on 6Music and generally make sure that the cut is all good and at a fair price too - as per usual.

It was then on to Wimbledon and then the tram home to Croydon, and once home I noted to The Love In My Heart that Paul Weller was on the BBC Red Button channel, with a gig recorded at the Radio 2 studios complete with orchestra. It was a good gig all told and The Love eventually sacked off Emmerdale and watched the rest of the gig, with him playing not just new album solo stuff but also some Style Council songs and then early solo classics, such as the brilliant Wild Wood (make that tune of the day as it sounded ace) - and that definitely was good to see. The Love did wonder how you get tickets for that sort of thing..

I also did watch later on some of the Manchester City v Fulham League Cup game. City did make a number of changes but it was good to see that it was still a decent side, and the likes of Brahim Diaz and Phil Foden had a run out as well, which was awesome. In fact Diaz scored both goals for City as they cruised to a 2-0 win with the only question mark being a potential injury to Kevin de Bruyne late on, but good to see that the Blues cruised and it was a quarter final with either Leicester City or Southampton lined up in December. Happy days being a Blue it has to be said.

It's been a long week and definitely will be a happy time seeing The Love In My Heart and Brian the cat. In fact The Love managed to find a very early picture of Brian when he was a kitten and he looked absolutely adorable and tiny but hiding in a paper bag seemed to be his thing even then (he loved that now!) and it was nice to see that he's grown up so much and become so adorable and lovely. I'm sure when he sees me he might be all cutesy, awww, he's just ace.