Poetry - September 2023


If I'm out with a female friend
Why do people always assume
That the person who's with me
Is automatically my partner?
I'm sure there's others out there
Who have nice platonic friends
Could be asking themselves the same question.

(I am sure we've all had this when we've been out with a friend which is a purely platonic friendship.)

Strictly Is Back

It's that time of year again when you know
That Saturday nights will be on the television
With Tess and Claudia presenting
And Craig Revel-Horwood bringing the derision
It's fifteen couples and their dance partners
Who will do their best to dance
They want to really give their all
And put all four judges into a trance
It can be hard when they're first starting out
But you know that they can all improve
It's a case of being able to get into character
And like Madonna, get into the groove
There's so many different dances to learn
And some are better than others to know
But at least you've got to get them all done
So later in the series their bodies will flow.

(It is September which means Strictly Come Dancing is back on the telly - and something both The Love In My Heart and I enjoy a lot...)

Hero For A Night

For ninety minutes of your time
I'm worshipped by you and loved
I can do wrong, I play my guitar
I am your idol whom you adore
I am the one you'll stand up for
In the classroom situation
When people think you're weird
Just because you like me
I'm just like you underneath
With my slight features
And my feminine look
Even though I'm masculine
Tonight I'm your hero
Without you, I'm nothing
This is the first night of many for me
But for you it's a memory that lasts
The first time you saw me
The only time I saw you
I was your hero for a night
Tomorrow you're bruise pristine.

(Inspired by a night seeing Placebo many years ago.)

Tuna Cat Haiku

Brian and tuna
Go together all so well
He loves to eat it!

(Brian the cat of course loves the tuna, and giving him some of that definitely will make him very happy indeed.)