Poetry - September 2022

Farewell, Your Majesty

I knew this day would come
As the lunch time news was broadcast
It was clear that things weren't too well
And that today would be the Queen's last
Everyone in the BBC already had black
And the dulcet tones of Huw Edwards on
Which meant that by tea time all TV stopped
To announce that Queen Elizabeth II had gone
It was a sad moment for my love especially
As I know she does admire the Royal Family
But it's a moment in time for our lifetime
As we've not known another ruler of the monarchy
As the days of national mourning passed
With queues to see the lying in state
And people wanting to pay their respects
Laying flowers in Green Park with an endless wait
There was something about everyone
That said to me that maybe underneath it all
The people actually are for once coming together
Showing respect and solmenity for all
I know it'll be a transformation of sorts
As the new king comes to the throne
But it's a farewell to the majesty
That was Queen Elizabeth II, on her own.

(It's a moment for history and a moment in the lifetime for the many of us who have only known one monarch.)

Norwegian Machine

Manchester City signed Erling Haaland
A striker with an eye for goal
We had his father play for us years ago
So signing him was always emotional
The Community Shield had people thinking
On whether we had signed the right man
But then came the start of the Premier League
And it all went according to plan
Two goals in the first game at West Ham
An assist in the demolition of Bournemouth
Before going back to scoring at Newcastle
With a well taken smash in the goal mouth
The next two home games were immense
As a hat trick capped an amazing comeback
Where Crystal Palace had gone two up
And had the team basically on the rack
So three from Haaland made it four two
And it was Nottingham Forest then up next
A second hat trick, this time in the first half
And the goal scoring records were being rewritten text
Since then, another goal in the next two league games
Both away at Aston Villa and at Wolves too
Showing the prowes that he has for us
And that he enjoys playing in Man City blue
Not to mention the Champions League haul
Of two goals in Sevilla and one at home to Dortmund
Where again he got us out of a tight spot
And brought home a win where we played not so good
So it looks like the investment is paying off
As we now look more lethal in front of goal
And if we continue like this then records will go
And Erling Haaland will be the embodiment of City's soul.

(He's a bit good is Erling Haaland - it's now a case of who doesn't have him as Fantasy League captain!)

The Spiral Continues

So as energy prices go up again
The rest of the cost of living follows
So if it costs more to freeze your frozen food
The supermarkets have to pay that bill
As does the supplier as well, and transport too
Which means that it all goes up that way
There's inevitably a squeeze to try and push up
The cost of public transport as well
Although some areas have realised that
Unless you get people moving around
They can't work where they need to be
And therefore can't earn to keep up with the costs
Something was at least done to try and break the cycle
But that cycle also means other things
Such as increased rents for where you live
And inevitably other costs spiral too.

(There's definitely a case of a spiral and circle effect at present as costs of living really do hit home for everyone.)

Solo Concert For One

I had a dream she'd play for me
Just her and her guitar
Serenading me with ascerbic vocals
Reaching a loud acoustic crescendo
And then slowly sinking into quietness
As the mellow sounds spring forth
From the gentle plucks of the strings
To the strings that hold my heart together
An hour of perfect music
Played by the figure of a strange angel
Giving me the reality and her soulfulness
And all for me.

(Admittedly seeing Kristin Hersh last month has made me think of how nice it would be to have a gig with just me in the audience listening and appreciating her music as a little present to myself.)

Cuddly Cat Haiku

Brian wants cuddles
He lies next to his Mummy
So he can be stroked.

(Sometimes, you just know when Brian the cat wants a cuddle from his Mummy.)