Poetry - October 2023


Constant rain is falling
As the storm descends in the East
Battering the coast from all angles
And unleashing chaos like a beast
Lighthouses that have stood proud
For so many years on the coast
Come crashing down into the rocks
With the waves over the top as their boast
The rivers burst their banks
And so much water is heading down town
With no defences ready for all this
The insides of houses turn into a hue of brown
Dirty water is everywhere
As the constant rain adds just more deluge
It makes the places uninhabitable
And for those affected, to seek refuge
It's definitely a case of it all getting worse
And global warming definitely is part of it all
It's no consolation for those underwater
As their confidence in surviving takes another fall.

(The storms appear worse each year and with Storm Babet giving a battering to so many places, and floording so many others, you do have to think what the real cause is and how innocent lives are affected by bad decision making.)

The Acoustic Silence

I am off to an acoustic gig
And I really want to it to be so quiet please
Primarily because I want to hear the music
Without someone being annoying to me
If you really want to talk
Then the pub is just over the road thank you
Please let the genuine fans listen
So the music can come through
I don't want to hear any chatter
You've got the rest of the evening to catch up
Please let me listen to the musician playing
And just sit down and pleae shut up
I know others do feel the same way
And anyone who dares talk will get a stare
The look of death coming across to their faces
Knowing that it's the wrong etiqutte to be fair
I love listening to the musician play
With the gorgeous strings of acoustic guitar
So please don't make a noise during this time
And as a fan, respect for you will go far.

(So nice to be at some acoustic gigs recently where everyone was delightfully quiet and just allowed the musician to play properly - but for others it's still a problem.)

The Train of Pain

It was time to the take the train
As I was attempting to head up North
It was surely not going to be so easy though
As I know that trains were being cancelled forth
So it was keeping an eye on departures
As I was heading along the working day
Make sure that my train was still running
And it looked like I might be okay
I then get to the train station
It is carnage inside on the concourse
With no one being given the right information
I am just watching the online info of course
Sure enough my train is running still
And I know what platform it will be on
So I get down to where it is in good time
And avoid the masses heading to platform one
I get my seat and eventually the train sets off
Albeit it'll be delayed along the way
However at least I am moving and I do get there
And that has to be something to take away
I didn't have to think about a night in a hotel
And trying to carry on my journey tomorrow
With a feeling of not knowing where to go
And leaving passengers with anger and sorrow.

(I was at least relieved to get a train up to Manchester one Friday night and although delayed, at least it was running, unlike a lot of others.)

The Loneliness Of Late Night

I look outside the bedroom window
I can't sleep for whatever reason
All I can hear outside is the occasional person walk
All I can see is lights on from streets and flats
I head back to bed and try to sleep
Nothing is able to convince me to nod off
I just feel as if I'm all alone and in the quiet
And in a contented place all round
But yet, there is no restful sleep for me
I just can't shut the eyes and nod off
It's a feeling of isolation and loneliness
I have no love or cat to cuddle right now
I wish too I'd have a way to just close my eyes
And fall straight into a deep sleep
I can't do it for whatever reason
And just watch more of the night sky.

(We've all had moments like this when sleeping seems the hardest thing at night...)

Sleeping Cat Haiku

Brian has a nap
An afternoon of sleep time
And a content purr.

(Brian the cat does like a siesta in the afternoon, whether it be the pouffle or the bed...)