Poetry - October 2018

Moaninho's Misery

As the sun rises over the London Stadium
The West Ham fans are blowing bubbles
They've beaten Manchester United 3-1
And added to Jose Mourinho's troubles
For years as Manchester City fans
The United fans laughed at our malaise
But as United have their worst start in years
The tide has turned and there's no praise
It's a case of seeing what happens next
As Mourinho argues with his teams
And the staff on Full Time Devils go mental
With the fan cams more upset it seems
The warning signs were there for them
With the squad not performing that well
But for once it seems that what was okay
Is turning into a United fans' hell
They're in mid table worrying about qualifying
For any position in the top four
And as a City fan who's seen the bad and the good
It's about time they suffered some more.

(Never felt more like singing the blues, City win, and United lose. It really is not a happy place over at Old Trafford at the moment. Do they blame Pogba? Do they blame Mourinho? Should both go?)

Tickle Me, Mummy!

Brian the cat is just so cute
He really loves his Mummy
There's nothing more he likes
Than a tickle of his tummy
He stretches out on the bed
With his paws all looking up
He wants that hand to go tickling
Which will instantly cheer him up
There's a contented purr as he lies
All restful on the bed
He still wants to be tickled
And have a gentle stroke of his head
After a sleep he wakes up
And looks towards his Mummy
He has that adorable cute face
That says "please tickle my tummy!"

(Brian the cat is amazingly cute, especially with all paws stretched and wanting a tummy tickle from his Mummy - which he gets a lot of.)

No Rainbows

The day felt rather sad today
As I'd learned a presenter had passed away
It was the presenter of Rainbow
Geoffrey Hayes had left the fray
It was a show I grew up with
And Bungle, Zippy and George
Making the lunchtimes more fun
And lots of joy to absorb
The theme tune made me smile
Making the whole world with a rainbow
And a pure sense of happiness
Which gave us all a sense of the show
I think Geoffrey as the host
Had that sense of kindness too
Which is why so many of us at my age
Heard the news and felt rather blue.

(It does feel sad that Geoffrey Hayes, the presenter of Rainbow, had passed away..)

Parisian Passion

On the course at Le Golf National
The Ryder Cup was stirring into action
Plenty of passion from the players
As the crowd gave their reaction
It was on paper a mismatch
With the rankings and majors won
But yet the Europeans have the ethic
That the team together are as one
So when you have Tommy Fleetwood
And Francesco Molinari working so well
It just goes to show that on the day
It's the fourballs and foursomes that gel
Then there's the wildcard Ian Poulter
Who always shows that sense of passion
But this is backed up by sublime play
And that winning sense of his reaction
It emnates throughout the course
And inspires the other players along
From being 3-1 down on Friday
And from there hardly doing any wrong
It was a case of leaving egos behind
And concentrating as a team
Leaving Paris with the Ryder Cup
And the European fans in high esteem.

(Goes to show - it's not all about the individuals, but about the team, and the recent Ryder Cup proved thjat beyond any doubt whatsoever.)

The Genius of The Durutti Column

The late Anthony H Wilson once said
That it was music to chill out
But the genius that is The Durutti Column
Is to make an instrumental sing so true
With some wonderful guitars playing
And the drums backing the rhythm so well
It's a pure sense of enjoyment when you listen
And there's passion, you can tell
From the wistful brilliance of Jacqueline
To all you ever gave me was Tomorrow
The stanzas of Without Mercy
And Opera I and II feeling so much sorrow
There's also the Blind Elevator Girl
And When The World is no longer watching
To the sketches for Summer and Winter
That give you the sense of belonging.

(I adore The Durutti Column, an acquired taste it may be, but the music is just gorgeous.)