Poetry - November 2021

Christmas in November

Everyone seems all so festive so early
As the tunes blare out from the shop
And yet it doesn't feel quite right
With the Winter weather not ready to drop
It feels more with the leaves still falling
That the brown and green don't fade to white
I know people may make up for last year
But is Christmas in November really right?
Everyone seems ready to get out the adverts
Showing you of a happy world around
Yet despite all this there's a feeling just that
It doesn't seem to be all that sound
I do like Christmas and the festive time of year
But if I could ask one question, please
Save all the lovely times until December
And then my mind will be put at ease.

(Just a classic case of people going too early. I get why, but it seems to happen every single year now and not just this year. December is where it's at, with hopefully some snow (pretty please weather people))

Love In The Autumn

Walking hand in hand together
With the leaves crunching underneath
There seems to be a warm feeling inside
That of contentment, relaxation and peace
It is nice just to be together
Taking a walk around the gardens and ground
Being able to admire tbhe beauty of nature
And even adore the pine cones we've found
I do like to be together with my love
When the Autumn weather means a time to walk
It's also a time to share some lovely moments
And catch up with each other as we talk
Certainly for me it feels special
As the wind slowly blows the leaves around
That I wouldn't swap this for anything
It's the joy of love in the Autumn, I've found.

(We've all done it, and rightly so. It's just a warm feeling of sharing a walk through the gardens and leaves at this time of year.)

Night Riviera

Paddington Station is calling me
With the delightful sight of the bear
As I am heading on a lovely jouney
Down to Cornwall and the fresh air
I've wanted to do this trip for some time
Taking the night sleeper train
And as I enter the first class lounge
I feel ever so relaxed again
It's so nice to warm up with a coffee
As the evening draws towards its close
With the staff on hand ready to show you on board
It just feels like an instant nostalgia dose
But I am greeted by such a comfortable bed
And all the things in the room are here
The lounge car is relaxing and I have a drink
It just feels so idyllic before departure is near
I grab a coffee and head back to my room
Watching the night sky from the window
As the train heads out of central London
And it's off to Cornwall I go
I sleep well and sleep soundly
With the bed being so soft and comfortable
And when I wake up we're on the Albert Bridge
And the crossing into my beloved Cornwall
I have a nice breakfast and a coffee in the lounge
It just all feels so perfect to me
As St Michael's Mount is in the distance
And my overnight stay I enjoyed, blissfully.

(Definitely well worth taking the Night Riviera if you fancy heading off to Cornwall and want a nice relaxing short break - and a great way to start too.)

Jamie and the Magic Torch

He had a dog called Wordsworth
He had a magic torch which was cool
It was a psychedelic trippy programme
Every time you watched him slide down that hole
You could have been tripping without any acid
Anyway there was the whole of Cuckooland
And they were rather quite a weird lot
And he was always back in bed before his mum checked on him!

(So true, but such a classic children's programme nonetheless.)

Baby Vs Cat Haiku

Brian and Edith
She wants to play with him, but
He stares and says no!

(Brian the cat is always standing his ground especially when he has new company to consider playing with, or not...)