Poetry - November 2018

Derby Day

It's a day like no other
As you face your local rival
No matter how well your team performs
It's always a day of survival
Surviving the nerves all day
Waiting for kick off to arrive
Having to feel those nerves in the game
And hoping your team will thrive
The game seems to go so fast
Cheering on your team so loud
Making sure you make yourself heard
And having a team to make you proud
Your team scores and it's mayhem
Everyone is just hugging each other
The goal that could win you the game
Or even push you to get another
The final whistle blows later
Your team ended up winning three one
And that's the pride of your area sorted
Until the return game is the next one...

(Must admit the nerves always go up a notch whenever it's a derby match - but seeing Manchester City win the Manchester derby 3-1 was pretty ace.)

Night Bus Home

It's the night bus home for me
A late night finish after a gig you see
The tube doesn't run to my place
So it's on the red bus for me
It feels somewhat serene
Sitting at the front at the top
Seeing the night light all on
And pausing at almost every stop
The bus climbs up the hill
With the night sky in the distance
I think to myself as I ride along
Why live so far in the first instance?
It soon heads downhill and towards town
The place that's currently the home
And it feels a semi peaceful quiet
As the bus makes its journey home

(There's something so serene and silent about a night bus on a Sunday night especially...)

Felix and the Fireworks

Felix the cat doesn't like Bonfire Night
It makes him feel restless and worried
All that happens is a loud banging noise
That doesn't stop, constantly hurried
Mummy gives Felix lots of cuddles
Tells him he's always so lovely
But as the night approaches
The sky darkens with Felix's worry
He wants to go and hide somewhere
So the noise doesn't feel so bad
Mummy has a warm comfy insulated cat bed
But even there just feels sad
Looking outside wondering
When all the fireworks will stop
It's a constant battle of nerves and stress
That makes him miaow in a strop
The night goes on and Mummy comes in
Feeds Felix some Dreamies for some love
The double glazed windows help cut some noise
And he feels like someone loves him from above
The night draws to an end
Felix is snuggled up on the bed with Mummy
But he just doesn't like the fireworks no more
They're too loud and fills him with worry.

(Fireworks are louder, animals are more stressed, some even passing away with a heart attack. Not good.)

Running Away

You're scared of the world
You don't know what's happening
All that you fear
Is exactly what you're leaving behind
You just want to keep going
Get as far away as possible
Run away from everything
And never look back
Just never look back
You feel haunted by what you see
You're scared inside
Not knowing what to expect
But all that you do know
Is that you need to keep running
Get away from the people
Seek some solitude and be alone
Just alone with yourself
No one to come near you
Just to keep going
Feeling free and feeling safe.

(We've all had moments where we want to just go away and be left alone..)

44 Passes Haiku

Pass the ball a lot
Slot it through for the third goal
Forty four passes.

(It was an amazing final goal in the Manchester derby...)