Poetry - May 2021

An Almost Normal Birthday

I felt very lucky to be able to celebrate
My birthday this year almost normal
With lovely presents from friends and family
That'll keep me entertained to the full
And to spend quality time with my love
As we dined al fresco outside
We both really enjoyed the meal we had
And the smile on my face I couldn't hide
To be able to have a special meal together
Was something we've treasured so much
When it's been so difficult to do anything
Re-arranging and cancelling at a touch
So to just have that sense of having that time
Was an appreciated thing to be able to do
And hopefully, we can all move forward
With a sense of caution but excitement too.

(Just being able to have a meal out on my birthday felt very special, in fact the meal was gorgeous too and I had The Love In My Heart with me, which was all that mattered.)

Deciding At Old Trafford

Three years ago every City fan watched the match
That unfolded one April day at Old Trafford
Where West Bromwich Albion delivered the unthinkable
And the league title was ours, on the way to a record
It seemed somehow that we were having to wait
This year on results over the road, natch
As Manchester United played three times in five days
Because of their supporters stopping one match
So with Leicester City having one eye on Wembley
You'd think that they would give things a rest
But to be fair to them they played a strong side
And wanted to have confidence being the best
As it transpired it was United making the changes
But even so a side at home you'd expect to win with
But as time ticked on with Leicester City in front
I knew somehow the title would be ours forthwith
So as the final whistle blew for full time
A small celebration in the blue household was had
The league title race was over, and somehow prophetic
And despite all the recent things, I was glad.

(It's becoming a habit of Manchester United losing at Old Trafford to hand Manchester City the Premier League title. Such is the way things have changed.)

Azuma Diversions

With all the engineering work going on
At London Euston making things improper
It was instead for me to take a journey
From Kings Cross to Leeds and up to Manchester
So it was onboard with LNER on a Saturday morning
And as luck would have it for me
I had managed to win the Seatfrog upgrade
So it was first class travel and more comfy
It was all very nice having a space to myself
With room to stretch and recline
And with a bacon roll and coffee for breakfast
It all really did feel civilised and divine
The train sped North with the minimum of fuss
And I could kick back and relax
Knowing that I had a nice journey to Leeds
Only for Northern to then be so lax!

(Nice to be onboard a LNER Azuma train, and of course having that nice First Class upgrade option was pretty special it has to be said...)

Completing The London Loop

Walking through all weather
With the walking shoes serving me well
Circulating around the outskirts of London
Knowing the next few miles might be hell
But I've been to so many places
That I might not have otherwise explored
The changes of scenery have been dramatic
And never have I ever felt bored
It's been a mission of mine to do this
Since I moved down to progress my career
Taking on the lengthy walks in sections
Knowing that each one I will hold dear
And so I walked the very last one today
With views by the river and wildlife too
Heading around to Coldharbour Lighthouse
Sitting there and just admiring the view
I did feel a massive sense of accomplishment
When I finally made it to Purfleet
Knowing all one hundred and fifty miles
Had been walked by my own two feet
It was so worthwhile to do that all
And I felt really positive on the way home
Knowing that I had set something to achieve
And an achievement I could call my own.

(It felt so good to complete all of the London Loop walk to be honest - it really did feel a special moment.)

Sick Cat Haiku

Brian has been sick
He sits all sad by Mummy
Wanting to get well.

(We don't like it when Brian the cat is poorly, and he tends to cling on to Mummy when he does, just for some comfort and some love. Awww.)