Poetry - June 2021

Humid And Sticky

The temperature is very warm
And the cloud is all very low
There just seems to be nowhere
For all the warm air to go
No matter what I do to keep cool
All I can feel is just sweat
As it drips all over my shirt
And makes me feel so wet
It's not a comfortable feeling
As I try to drink what I can
It's just not really working at all
I really need a watering can
It's all very well being insulated
When it's cold outside and warm in the flat
But when that just traps all the humid air
It's really just not all that.

(The heat alone is generally okay, but combine that with humidity and a lack of air, and it's horrid.)

Damsel In A Dress

Heading off to Kensington Palace
With my love to view some historic outfits
That were worn at Royal occasions and weddings
Which really were iconic and loved to bits
Of course the one dress we all came to see
Was that one worn by Diana, Princess of Wales
Which must have taken ages to construct
With the train that's as long as two whales
It really showed everything off so well
Causing lots of visitors to go ooh and ahh
It definitely felt a privelege to be able to see it close
And it's one that people come to see, near and far.

(Even for someone who isn't massively Royal as I am, to see that iconic wedding dress was pretty special - especially all the information about its construction and design. Fascinating stuff.)

Staring At The Sunset

Sitting at the top of a beachy head
Looking out towards the horizon on the sea
With the red sky slowly coming down from above
It'll be a glorious sunset for everyone to see
It just feels a nice place to relax
And with the one I love sat next to me
It's an idyllic setting as the sun comes down
And the blissful sunset makes me feel happy
It's a really warm feeling inside me
As the red sky reflects on the sea below
Knowing that it's the end of a lovely day
And that makes me warm inside with a glow
The descending sun soon will give way to darkness
Which really has a different setting
But it feels so wonderful to be here
And a wonderful holiday is what I'm getting.

(Really enjoyed all the nice sunsets on holiday last year. Here's to many more.)


As I drift off
Into my own semi-parallel universe
That seems to be my eight hours
Of distant unconsciousness
I often think what happens
When my eyes are closed
My conscience has gone
And I'm just there
Asleep and dreaming
Sometimes I wake
In the middle of the night
And I try to remember my dream
Do we all have aspirations
To be famous and successful
Or do you also find
Through no fault of your own
That your dreams are just a fantasy
And that real life is tough
And nothing would ever be
Like the dreams you can have
But if I do wake up
I always try and remember
Even if I do fail miserably
In my attempt to find something
Within the inside of the dream
That seems to be something
That I'd paarticularly like
I may ponder on what happened
But by that time my temporary adiscomfort
Of being awake at four a.m for no areason
Has passed me by like another dream
And so I am sleeping again
My eyes see nothing but black
My mind is nothing but blank
And I'll awake
Forgetting everything.

(It's often a different feeling when you sleep.)

Summer Cat Haiku

Brian likes to play
Outside watching on the deck
All ready to pounce!

(Nothing gets past the eagle eyes of Brian the cat when he plays outside in the Summer, that has to be said..)