Poetry - July 2023

Sunset, Westward Ho!

Every night in Westward Ho!
As I gaze from the balcony
There's a beautiful sky and sunset
That seems to come and greet me
It's a set of colourse with the sun
Heading towards the level of the sea
As the evening gets darker
And the feeling is of tranquility
There's a sense of belonging
As the sun just moves down more
That there's a feeling of calm
And that feeling is one I adore
I just don't want the week to end
There's so many sunsets to see
Enjoying it on the balcony with a beer
And feeling just so content and happy.

(I freely will admit that the gorgeous sunsets viewed from the apartment balcony in Westward Ho! were just something else, and definitely a feeling that I will treasure as I watched them during the week away.)

Two Pounds On The Bus

With the cost of living being as it is
It's always nice to have an incentive to be green
And do making all local buses have a two pound fare
Is one that I can get on board with and be seen
We took the number twenty one bus
From Westward Ho! over to Ilfracombe
And a relaxing and comfortable journey
As the sun peered through the early morning gloom
It was a lengthy journey of some time
But we just loved to sit and admire the scenery
It also meant we could go for a drink in the day
And then come back home and head past greenery
It's noticeable too more people are using the bus
Because they know how much they will pay
And the fare of two pounds is really well worth it
And we made the most of that during our stay.

(Two pounds for a single bus fare really can get you far, I reckon we travelled 25 miles from Westward Ho! to Ilfracombe, and that was definitely well worth it each way to relax there and back, and made the most of our day there too. It'll be £2.50 in most parts of the country from November 2023 til November 2024, but it means you know what you are paying beforehand.)


It stands alone in the Bristol Channel and out to sea
A sense of foreboding with its tall cliffs
Three lighthouses around with their unique features on each
A village that really is a hub of the small community
Paths you can walk to view the sights or see puffins
A sense of drama when the wind comes in over Tibbetts
The community spirit as you have a pint in the Marisco Tavern
With a well eaned hot meal after some time exploring around
Hoping to catch a glimpse of the wildlife around the coast
Or walking towards the former castle and the South Light view
There's something magical about the whole of Lundy
It made me feel at one with myself with a sense of solitude
A feeling of belonging to somewhere that definitely feels remote
A sense of knowing that you'll be here by heading out to sea
As the MS Oldenburg gets through the tough moderate waves
With a feeling of heading off to somewhere that's nowhere
I can't help but feel that in all that isolation
The beauty of the island is just one that makes me content
As the seals swim by Rat Island at the southern tip
And a real feeling of knowing that it's a unique place.

(I loved it on Lundy and want to go back and stay a few days - it'll be on my own, but to see the place with more time to explore and to live a completely off grid few days definitely would be well worth it in my view.)

How Much Further Is It?

You're on a long car journey
To your holiday destination
And at every motorway junction
It seenms to be getting no nearer
So you shout out from your back seat
'Dad, How much further is it'
Your father tells you it's only
A few miles this way and that
But you've travelled for hours
And you've seen countryside pass by
You wait five minutes and ask again
'Awww, how much further is it
I'm getting cramp sat here!'
Of course you get no sympathy
You don't have to drive this car
All this way to your destination
But you continue to wait and fidget
And keep asking the same question!

(We all did this as children didn't we?)

Snoozing Cat Haiku

Brian loves a snooze
He gets on the sofa too
And snuggles Mummy!

(Brian the cat loves his spot on the sofa where he can snuggle up to his Mummy and purr contentedly. What's there not to like?)