Poetry - January 2022

Walking Plus Calm Equals Happiness

One of the things to keep me going
All through the current situation we're in
Is the fact that a good walk has been welcomed
And kept me feeling motivated to win
As I take on each section of a walk in turn
Attempting to reach the end of the way
What it shows is a different side to places you live
Where you may not have been before today
It's for me a sense of relaxation
As my brain takes in all the surroundings
From river and canal side water walks
To parks with hills and views of grand things
It certainly has made me feel better about myself
Because I know that I can achieve a goal
Of completing another exciting adventure
Where I can see a field with a horse and a foal
Or perhaps a bridge over a river with a view
And a majestic view over the hills over yonder
One day I'll think of a really long walk to achieve
But the ones I have done are full of wonder.

(Certainly for me the walking I've been able to do, particularly the last couple of years, have really helped me focus a lot of my mental health and well being - and can recommend that highly.)

Craft Beer And Ethics (Or Lack Of)

It's sad to see that in the news
Craft beer companies seem to have in
Some places a culture that isn't right
And the ethics are questionable, within
It's all very well trying to grow as a brand
But you need to do so with people onboard
Not thinking you can bypass employment law
And putting those who don't like it to the sword
There's also some questionable practices
Which seem to be stemming from the top
If we're holding those in power to account
Should they take note, and make it stop
Certainly for me bad ethics is not good
And it rightfully influences the decision
On whether to buy certain beer or not
Because my custom doesn't deserve derision
By those who think they can get away
With whatever they feel like with their staff
Bad ethics and bad practice doesn't wash
And so I'll go elsewhere for my nice beer half.

(With a number allegations of certain beer companies not quite doing what they should, it does make me wonder if the culture in said places stems from the wrong direction they take. And yes, ethics do matter.)

Recruiter Rejection

Thank you, dear recruiter, for your email
It's interesting that you've taken the time
But rather than drop a random email to me
Reading the CV would have saved time
My skills don't match the position advertised
So there's no point in me applying
It makes me wonder if you've read it at all
Or just waiting for me replying
There are some vacancies you want to fill
And I get that you want to recruit well
But there's no point randomly picking me
As the skills I have mean I won't gel
It's a simple ask really, all round
Please make sure that you read everything
So you'll know before you send an email
Whether any vacancy will mean something
I've been headhunted well before
When the recruiter has done everything right
But the ratio of those good to bad
Really makes me think some are just trite.

(As much as some recruiters do well and they've been able to headhunt me for jobs - always appreciated - there are some who don't always read everything about a prospective employee before sending an email.)

Childhood Memories

It's funny how you look back
And the fond memories you have
Were when you were little
And you probably knew no better
I know it was the same for me
I used to go to a hospital
And it was on top off a hill
I can remember having to crawl up
Because I felt the pavement was so steep
I went past that road the other day
And it doesn't seem steep at all
I can remember having four teeth out
At the dentist when I was three
I only stayed there because I'd managed
To emotionally blackmail my mum
Into buying me a Mars bar if I was good
After having four teeth out I didn't want it
After all that pain - I hate dentists even now
I can remember my first few years
Living in a tower block in Hattersley
And trying to sneak off downstairs to explore
While University Challenge was on the telly
And I still have this scar on my head
From hitting the corner of a table
Ouch! It must have hurt me then
I must have scramed and wailed tears
As I grew up I was happy in my own world
I'd just shut off from everyone and dream
I didn't care really what anyone thought of me
I can remember my dad buying all his records at about three
He'd go home and play them all religiously
Maybe it's why now I share some of his music likes
I can remember a fateful first day in infant school
And wanting my mum and screaming for her
Because I'd been left on my own and felt insecure
I'm sure some of you out there did it
I remember waking up at four am Christmas Day
And getting my parents up so I could have presents
I can think of all the school play practices
And being picked up by my aunt late at night
Going to her place and scoffing meatballs for tea
That was probably my favourite thing to eat back then
Maybe it still is now as I still devour a tin
I also think of going to Towyn in Wales every year
For a week-long summer holiday of fun
I hold fond memories of that place
I can remember counting down the miles to get there
And saying 'wheeee' as the car went over a bridge
A humpback one near Queensferry if I can recall
I remember lots of things about being small
The fact I'd wear the tackiest clothes
But yet were seemingly trendy back then
And also just being little me in my childhood
It was the funniest and strangest time I had.

(Plenty of surreal yet happy memories I guess)

Jealous Cat Haiku

Small child wants to be
A friend to Brian the cat
But he doesn't like!

(Brian the cat is rejecting all possibilities at present from the littlest one in The Love In My Heart's family to be their friend - he just turns away in disgust.)