Poetry - February 2023

Market Mooching

There's always a good central market
Which has stalls for everyone to peruse
Whether it be a rather nice pice of art
Or something made by a recycle and re-use
The arts and crafts on show are good
Made with all the love and care
Although some of it can be expensive
And it makes you think twice right there
Nonetheless, the stallholders are friendly
And explain how everything is all done
So at least when you will take the plunge
You know exactly where it's all from
There may be a stop for a coffee inside
Or even a nice piece of some cake
Which keeps you going as you walk the rows
Of many stalls and things the holders make.

(It was very nice heading around some lovely markets with The Love In My Heart recently, and certainly the stall holders are really proud of the items they make - it really did feel rather lovely.)

Farewell Motty

What a goal! Radford the scorer
Brought this man into our living room
A voice of joy and passion on football
Seeing through all the then 70s gloom
The crazy gang beat the culture club
Was what he said back in eighty eight
And really showed an insight into research
That made his knowledge of the game so great
When I was watching Manchester City
In the semi final of eighty one
Power - oh I say what a goal
Was etched into my memory as City won
The final replay had another iconic moment
As Ricky Villa danced through the defence
What a fantastic run, he called it
And indeed it was deemed a Wembley classic hence
Whenever he was at Maine Road
You always knew that Match of the Day was worth it
Because the commentary would be iconic
With all the stats and knowledge applied to it
And now he's left us to head up to football heaven
A man who really set the tone for others to follow
So farwell, Motty, and thanks for everything
May you keep inspiring the commentators of tomorrow.

(Losing John Motson as we did this month was a real gaping hole in sports commentator history - an icon of football whose legacy can clearly by heard by the current crop of the folks on Match of the Day.)

Tired And Emotional

There's been some times recently
When I've just felt the need to want to sleep
And feel like I just need to drift away
From everything without an outside bleep
I just feel emotional about all sorts
And have been getting upset quite a bit
Maybe it's the reality of things hitting
Where not everything in life will always fit
Maybe it's my own element of doubt
That says that I might need to think
Where I might end up working eventually
Or if I want to throw the proverbial kitchen sink
At looking at something else to do
But one thing I do know for definite
I feel very tired and pretty emotional
And maybe the feeling isn't so infinite.

(Certainly have been feeling it this month heading to and from work especially - hopefully it is just a phase!)

Haçienda That

It was a Manc institution that we had
From an unlikely setting on Whitworth Street
With yellow and black warnings everywhere
A more industrial place you couldn't meet
Yet there was a feeling when you went inside
That there was a difference from other places
And you could go there and be yourself
Not be posey or to impress other faces
The gigs didn't have the best sound stage
Yet they were iconic for those like me who went
It gave bands an opportunity to play live
And certainly allowed their frustrations to vent
Sadly with all clubs the end was nigh
Once the drugs took over and the door lost control
It was inevitable that it was going to close
With a sense of loss and a loss of its soul
Yet it was an icon of the time for the city
With the approach it took to dance
It was different from anything else
It brought us all Chicago house, then trance
For me I remember the gigs they had there
And the feeling of celebration it was too
And seeing a documentary about it just how
Reminded me of how it related to me and you.

(There was a fascinating documentary I watched the other day on BBC Four all about the legendary Haçienda in Manchester - and really did get inside how it was to be running the place and the history too - well worth a watch if you do get the chance.)

Scratchy Cat Haiku

Brian wants to scratch
But on the mat in the hall
He would like to play!

(Brian the cat seems to like the door mat for the flat across the hallway, and wants to miaow to head outside so he can have a good little snuggle and scratch, bless him.)