Poetry - February 2022

Challenging Times

If something doesn't seem right
And that I don't feel comfortable
I will usually end up speaking out
Because I talk straight with no bull
When I'm faced with a situation
Where there is not enough consideration
I'll challenge it professionally
Wihout going into procrastination
I know that I've always had to fight
For the right things that I believe in
But knowing I can challenge safely
Means in life I'm more enabled to win
It's not necessarily anyone's fault
Or indeed the way things can work out
But if I constructively challenge those things
Then I know I've at least said owt
I think when you're all entitled
To be able to be constructive
Then being able to fairly challenge why
Should make us all more productive
Without any fear or favour
And without any future prejudice
But if approached the right way
It's challenging and not falling into cowardice.

(I've had a couple of situations as of late where I've felt the need to speak out and to be able to challenge some things, mainly in a work sense. I think being constructive meant that I got a good result overall.)

£1.99 For A Game

When it was the early years of computing
The games always seemed to expensive
And saving up your pocket money for something
Which wasn't always that impressive
Enter the likes of Mastertronic
And later on Firebird and Codemasters too
Where a game didn't cost so much at all
Initialy, they were all £1.99 to you
Some games weren't really good whatsoever
As anyone who's played Bionic Granny will know
But you then play the likes of Thrust and Kikstart
And realise that there are good times to go
You could go into your local computer shop
Perhaps afford a game or even two
So you could play it over the weekend and have fun
Even being able to even complete some too
The ranges were iconic in their label colour
The Sinclair Spectrum was yellow
Commodore sixty four was red
Amstrad orange, all good to go
It was easy to build up a library
Where the game spines were that splash of colour
And you'd see your little collection build up
With some games you'd truly savour
But for the price you paid it was affordable
And meant everyone could all play
Which you have to respect those companies for doing
And giving us all that chance back in the day.

(Anyone on a lower income in the 1980s appreciated the fact that a lot of computer games retailed at £1.99, so was affordable for all and meant that you could play lots of games - some bad, but some oh so good. Right then, back to the likes of Kikstart 2, Zolyx and BMX Simulator..)

A Beautiful Silence

Trees rustle lightly in the brief winds
As the water flows down the navigation
It's a spot where the countryside seems close
And peace and quiet is in consideration
There's a reservoir over the bank to the left
And closed industrial areas to the right
There's a beautiful silence of nothing
Which just makes me feel alright
There's a sense of being somewhere
But at the same time being nowhere
With a feeling of calm washing over me
As the wind blows gently through my hair
It's an escape from the everyday life
And for some reason just feels silent
As the beautiful silence of nothing
Lingers over the towpath like a lament.

(Certainly on recent walks the calm silence around when you walk - with the odd person cycling or jogging past, just seems a great way to be able to wind down as of late.)

Chorizo Pasta Bake

When I first moved into my own house
I had to learn some more cooking skills
So I could make sure I'd have a varied diet
And not just a load of microwaved meals
It was handy to be able to try different
Getting a wok for stir fry was a good move
But the one thing I really learned to do
Was something I still have now, in the groove
It's a relatively simple recipe maybe
But it feeds me for two nights (or for two people)
And means I can have a hearty meal
And feel fulfilled and somewhat full
So it's effectively layers of pasta
With some gorgeous spicy chorizo
Then cheese on the top all melted and baked
In the oven, so my pasta bake is go
It's still a go to recipe now for me
When I feel the need to warm up at night
And my dish has stood me by all these years
With a warm feeling of eating right.

(In fact, I've got the ingredients in, so going to make this at some point soon in fact. It's always been a go to meal or two for me when I've needed it.)

Tuna Cat Haiku

Brian loves his food
Give him some tuna Sheba
And he scoffs it down!

(Brian the cat loves tuna - especially the Sheba brand with either gravy or the domes - other brands are available, but give him some tuna, he is mega happy.)