Poetry - December 2022

Snow Stops Everything

The slightest flutter of the white stuff
As it falls from the skies on a Sunday
Seems to set everything back at night
And there's no joy for anyone on Monday
The signals freeze for the trains
The rails just can't cope with the cold
Everyone is skidding on the icy conditions
By not driving slowly doing as they're told
There's a sense of resignation in the air
As the trams stop running due to ice
They can't stop at the stations safely
And so a longer walk or a bus feels less nice
It's only around an inch of snow falling
Yet everything has ground to a total stop
It does make you wonder what would happen
If we ended up with three feet on top.

(The slightest bit of snow and everything in the UK appears to just stop working. Are things really that broken these days?)

Thirty Years of Wonder

Thirty years ago this year
A wonderful Christmas film came out
It featured some of my favourites
And a storyline that was faithful as it turned out
Every Christmas for years to come
I'd see it on the television on Christmas Eve
Delighting in its story and songs
And making me feel all festive, I believe
I had the chance to see the film
At the cinema as it should be seen
For the first time in thirty years
I was back in seeing it on the big screen
I felt so happy seeing Kermit the Frog
Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Rizzo and Gonzo
But Michael Caine is superb in this
And delivers with Shakesperian gusto
It was a joy to be able to see it again
And the way it was meant to be
With When Love Is Gone rightfully back
And the story arc complete for me
I loved it then and I still love it now
And it made me feel all festive
If you get the chance to see it
Then I'll make a vow and suggest it!

(The Muppet Christmas Carol is not only my favourite of the Muppets films, but also one of my favourite Christmas films of all time. Seeing it again at the cinema, as it was intended to be, was just a wonderful moment to savour.)

The Further I Am

The further I am from you
The more I miss you inside
The more that myself feels about you
The inner feelings I try to hide
Because no one else but you know
The reasons why I am like this
And with you by my side safe here
I know my life will be bliss
I want you to be here with me
So I can give you a needed cuddle
It's not the same hearing you talk
It's just like looking at a speech bubble
When you're here, I am complete
Without you here I'm alone
It's nice to see that your devoted love
Is so true love that you've shown
And the further I am from you
The more I want you here
Which shows that we are indeed together
Cherishing a love that is so dear
When you look at me straight into my eyes
I feel a rush of tears
All the anger inside me will go away
All the pain of unhappy years
And the further I am from you
Even though we're not together
The more I know you take away my upset
The more I want to love you forever.

(We've all had moments when we miss our loved ones, and think of them. This was one such moment.)

Pay The Nurses

For the nurses to feel strongly enough
That they need to go on a strike now
Shows that all is not well with their work
Yet their value is priceless, I vow
Who else was carrying us through dark times
When lockdowns meant we had to be indoors
Whilst those nurses faced death daily
And made sure we could still love you and yours
Their hearts are as pure as gold
As they care so much for everyone
But if they have to go home via a foodbank
Then clearly that's just not on
We need to value the nurses a lot more
Showing them a clap means nothing
If it means they can't put food on the table
Their time and service should mean everything
Yet the Government say no money is there
To pay the nurses a rise fairly
Strange than that they'd squander 30 billion
On a ton of Tory mates' usless PPE
Their excuses don't wash with me
Nor should it for anyone of the public
The nurses are wonderful people
And them not getting renumerated makes me sick
So let's show our value in people
Pay them what they truly deserve
Or else they'll all decide on agency work
Where they can at least earn some worth
We need to keep those nurses onside
With value, love and kindness
So let's pay them all a decent wage
And show our ever gratefulness.

(Note to this rubbish Government: you were called out on wasting £30bn on useless PPE and giving the cash to the likes of Michelle Mone, so why not instead spend the same and pay the nurses what they deserve? And while you're at it, ambulance workers, train staff etc too.)

Festive Cat Haiku

Brian loves the tree
He wants to eat every branch
And make Mummy cross!

(Brian the cat loves the Christmas tree a bit too much, I think - he wants to eat it at every opportunity.)