Poetry - December 2021

Party Of Lies

The reports come out in the news
That Christmas parties were happening last year
At a time when no one was allowed to do so
And that just smacked of ignorance held dear
As the questions were asked, Pinocchio's nose grew longer
As the lies attempted to cover it all up
But we all know that those things did happen
Because the whole thing was just a complete cock up
It smacks of one rule for them
And another rule for the rest of us
Quite rightly, so many people are angry
And seriously kicking up a correct and needed fuss
They couldn't held their loved ones hand
As they faced the indescribable pain of loss
Yet those who were in power were ignorant
And disobeying the rules, not giving a complete toss
It matters so much to us all who make sacrifices
That you need leadership right from the front
But instead we get distractions and closed ranks
Where the leader itself is just a compete cunt
These things matter to those at the polls
And North Shropshire showed a heavy defeat
Hopefully the beginning of the end of the party of lies
Where we know that disobedience is complete.

(All the partying, all the ignorance, all the lying by those in power doesn't help really get people being compliant as their attitude is "Well if they don't why should I?" which is why we're back in a complete mess once more. I hate this Government with a passion and cheered when North Shropshire was taken.)

Reflections On Reflections

I look back and reflect on the year
And think about the important things
What matters to me the most
Is that the love that my love brings
We've managed to get through together
What seems to be such a tough year
And we've kept ourselves happy and safe
With a love that holds us both dear
Brian the cat has been so much fun
Asking me constantly to play ball
Snuggling up to his Mummy at night
And answering the tuna and Dreamies call
The Love has a special little one now
Whom she is the cool nana to
And the joy that the little bundle brings
Makes us both feel so happy too
It's been a year of contrasts all round
But being together and being happy
At least is a more welcome distraction
From all the news events being crappy.

(It's good to reflect on what's important, and for me, no question, having the love of The Love In My Heart is always the most special thing. Simple, but true.)

Metal On Metal

It's always good to rock out
And be able to listen to some metal
The crunching guitar riffs full of power
And the speed of play is never dull
It just allows to get out the tensions
And be constructively headbanging along
Even doing my best Rob Halford voice
To the classics that need a sing along
There's a feeling of release here
That I know that sometimes I need
There's lyrics often involving death
And the fact that raining blood is the bleed
But it's so good to admire
The musicianship and guitar work on show
I could never play anything like that
But on Guitar Hero at least I can have a go
And rock out like the rest of them
Giving it the air guitar as I want to
It shows that metal is for everyone
And that the rocking out rings true.

(I don't wear the leather, I don't even have lots of black, but I do love a good piece of metal music, no matter the type of metal genre. That's how I rock, folks.)

It is Not OK

It is not OK to wolf whistle a woman
And to call them out for how they look
Is it not OK to give a woman harassment
Just because she happened to say no
It is not OK to think you can do as you like
As a woman rightfully turns you away
If it not OK to keep on with this behaviour
Is it just not, in any way or form, OK
So why do you keep on doing so
Behaving like someone who is an idiot
When in fact your actions mean that
Those who should feel safe do not
It's about time we called it out
And about time we all took action
Because until we men start asking questions or oursevles
The inequality will continue to function
So the next time you think about
An action which makes someone feel uncomfortable
Stop and think and ask yourself
Is it really worth being so terrible
Or instead just head along to where to go
And call out anything you see which is wrong
Because until we men start acting properly
The road to being OK is a very long one.

(We as men, and I include myself in this, all need to look at the way we behave and chance. Male violence against women is completely unacceptable. And we need to call it out, and show that we're actually ready to change. Look at the Is It OK campaign in Manchester, challenging and educating, the right way to go about it.)

Festive Cat Haiku

Brian loves the tree
He wants to munch the branches
And play with baubles!

(Brian the cat loves the Christmas tree - not sure his Mummy will be so pleased with his attempts to eat it!)