Poetry - August 2022

It's Too Hot

Melting inside at home
No air conditioning to speak of
Just warm air coming in all the time
And nothing to try and cool down
It's the same at the football
With the air just not being there
And the stand in the sunlight
It's a search to escape to the concourse
Away from the sun and in shade
But it carries on regardless
Blazing heat from this wave
With a sign of more to come
It feels like it is always changing
As the planet heats up more
All the extremes to come forward
And make it even hotter there
Maybe stop for a second
Think that our actions are causing this
And working out any way to stop
Before this heat becomes the norm.

(We can't say that we weren't warmed that the weather would be more like this as it was earlier this month: heatwaves, extreme temperatures and all that. Shows just what an effect climate change is having.)

Glory For The Lionesses

One Sunday afternoon at the end of July
Was to prove destiny for the Lionesses
As the month of the Euros came to an end
Progressing through the group with no stresses
A tough quarter final against Spain
Was one to show they were made of sterner stuff
They cruised past the Swedes in the semi
A game which I thought might be more tough
The final was against the old rival Germany
And we knew they'd be difficult to stop
With an added boost before the game
That out injured was Alexandra Popp
I genuinely felt sorry she wasn't playing
Because she fought back from injuries so well
You want to beat the best when they're on form
I can imagine that their fans went through hell
It was a cagey first half, was to be expected
As each side were working out each other
But a gorgeous through ball from Keira Walsh
Found Ella Toone who lobbed the keeper
And delirium in the stands as England scored
Could that prove to be the winning goal?
Alas not as Germany fought back
And equalised meaning that extra time for the soul
The game wore on with chances at both ends
But from a corner, the ball fell to Chloe Kelly
She got enough on it to toe poke it home
Showed her inner Brandi Chastain on the telly
It wasn't the prettiest goal but we'll take it
And as the full time whistle blew
The enormity of all had sunk if for everyone
The Lionesses had roared with pride for you
They had won with pride and determination
And a day that I'll never forget, today
Hopefully turning a corner for those doubters
That women's football is here to stay.

(What a result, and what determination from the Lionesses. So proud of them!)

A Sorry Mess At Avanti

Relations have broken down
All the goodwill appears to have gone
So now Avanti West Coasr run less trains
Making the scramble at Euston even less fun
An hourly service to Manchester
Isn't cutting it whatsoever
A case of showing how over-reliant
They have been on overtime, forever
Yet the Avanti boss has taken a million pounds
In bonuses for their so called performance
It shows just how much contempt First Groip have
For the passengers, who has no importance
It really is a shambles all round
Having Grant Shapps lie for them on the telly
And the sooner that they're removed from the contract
The more trains can run under a new operator, hopefully.

(Enough is enough, First Group and Trenitalia aka Avanti Worst Coast.. Terminate the contract you have with the DfT, and let someone else run the service who can actually run it properly and fully staffed.)

Formula E Is The Future

I headed off to the ExCeL
Despite the trains being on strike
To go and watch some Formula E
Which as motorsport I really like
All the cars are electric
So you can race around more green
The cars are designed to run close together
So overtaking just has to be seen
The qualifying format with knockout
Means you have to always be on your toes
And the whole event is done in a day
Practice, qualiying, and the race as it goes
It really felt quite a busy and enjoyable time
As the cars sped through the arena
And the fan vilage admission being cheap
With stuff for kids to do to be greener
It was a quality day all round
And a British driver won the British race
It felt such a positive inclusive uplifting vibe
And everyone felt as if had their place
So if you see an electric race come to town
Please do go and watch the whole day
It's excellent value for money and spot on
Without the expense, the stuffiness and here to stay.

(Got to say I really enjoyed my first live Formula E race, it'd definitely go to another event for sure..)

Cross Ears Cat Haiku

Brian has cross ears
When he wants you to leave him
So he can chill out.

(I know not to go near Brian the cat when I see his cross ears!)