Poetry - April 2022

They Partied While People Died

They drank copious amounts of alcohol
Everyone else stayed indoors and worked
They gallivanted in the gardens of power
Everyone else queued to get in Tesco
They went to fill a fridge full of booze
Everyone else felt a sense of trauma
They claimed that it was all just a work event
Everyone else worked by staring at Zoom screens
They ignored the fact it was the rules
Everyone else lived by those rules for common good
They tried their best to conceal it all
Everyone else got fined for their honesty
They felt as if what they did didn't matter
Everyone else knew their small sacrifices mattered
They partied on throughout the night
Everyone thanked NHS workers every Thursday night
They partied because they could
People died
They partied onwards as the Duke of Edinburgh died
People died
They were aloof to what everyone else was doing
People died
They released patients into care homes unlawfully
More people died
They claimed was an ambush with a cake
Yet more people died
They denied it in Parliament with a swathe of lies
Even more people died
They felt as if they were untouchable with booze
Over a hundred thousand had died
They partied
People died.

(I'm not the only one still massively angry about how those in power just seemed to ignore the rules about the current pandemic and everyone else was left to obey the rules, not say farewell to their loved ones, and go through so much hardship. Local council elections are coming - please use your vote wisely.)

Cancelled Concert

It's a thing that happens
When an artist tries their hardest
And strains their voice somewhat
Inevitably it's for the best
That their forthcoming show is cancelled
Meaning no gig for me
But I have to say
I'd prefer it honestly
If the artist has been geniune
And tried to carry on
But doctor's advice now says no
It's sensible not to play on
There'll always be a next time
No matter when that will be
So we'll see you soon
Once you're back and healthy.

(This happened to me recently with a cancellation of a gig as the artist concerned had throat issues and were referred to a doctor, who said not to carry on, with medical advice. It's unfortunate, but you'd rather see someone perform to the best of their ability I think.)

Seaside Stroll

There's something about the seaside
Which makes me feel so at ease
So a lovely walk along a promenade
I'm right there now, if you please
It's a nice walk with sea views
And lovely fresh air from the sea
As you pass those walking their dogs
Or heading along for chippy tea
There's a sense of restfulness
As my mind clears of anything inside
With the breeze blowing gently
And the warmth of being by the seaside
It's such a nice feeling I have
When I walk and see another place
Where I can reach and rest with a coffee
Before walking with a sensible pace
I do love the sense of being there
And a feeling of such happiness inside
As I carry on for another mile or two
And the next train station is in sight

(Always good to walk the coast and actually take in some lovely views, and have that feeling of one-ness that you have. I treasure those moments.)

Showroom Dummy

Blank expression on plastic face
It never seems to change
It just fronts designer clothes
That you possibly can't afford
Same expression in another window
Looking faceless and bland
Having no genitals and designer breasts
That plastic generated woman
She has nothing to worry about
No humanity within, just a front
For all the expenses in life
Which tantalise everyone passing by.

(Inspired by Kraftwerk's Showroom Dummies, but also an affront to those shops who tempt you in with the so called perfect figure bull..)

Swipe Cat Haiku

Brian will swipe me
If I get too close to him
With his sharpened claws

(Brian the cat reserves cuddles for his Mummy only - anyone else is likely to get a swipe from his claws!)