Poetry - September 2018


So Euston is shut for engineering work
Which means a large diversion
So that I can still get to London okay
Without too much fuss or discretion
The first week of three was a nightmare
Due to the lineside fire that day
It meant me heading to Nottingham
And running to the platform without delay
It did mean I got to where I wanted
But it was a bit of a faff all round
Second week though it was much easier
With the Sheffield change over being sound
The final week meant Victoria to Leeds
As engineering works were ongoing
So that meant a changeover in West Yorkshire
And the seats were busy but not overflowing
I got to London okay in all three times
But it just took a fair bit longer
Which shows how quick the service normally is
And well worth the money and wonga.

(The fun and games of three weekends with London Euston shut certainly didn't help the journeys back down South, that is for sure.)

Two Hundred Goals

Sergio Agüero is the top scorer
Of all time for Manchester City
He'd been stuck on 199 since March
Could he possibly do 200 at Wembley?
My friend and I travelled down
For the curtain raising Community Shield
With hopes high for a City win
And a goal from Agüero may yield
The game kicked off and City looked good
Attacking right from the outset
Phil Foden went forward and found Sergio
And he shot powerfully into the net
Every City fan went mental and cheered
The two hundred mark had been made
He even got another one in the game
Just to show his form was A grade
He's continuing to score goals for City
And he's our highest ever goal scorer
Which says a lot for his continual record
Without him, City would be a lot poorer.

(Seeing Sergio Agüero finally get the 200th goal for City at Wembley with my friend was pretty special actually - I could have seen it back in March at the Emirates Stadium but alas not to be...)

Standing in Standen

In the countryside near East Grinstead
A country house resides hidden away
Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement
Where design and classiness hold sway
As you walk through the house
All that you can see is William Morris
The designs were just so of their era
And it's a design treat you can't miss
The gardens with their views over the hills
Really affords a beautiful view
The way that the paths wind their way
Just affords the natural beauty to you
Even with the rain coming down
It just feels like a gorgeous retreat
And all of the archived furniture inside
Means you're all in for such a treat.

(Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Standen that The Love In My Heart and I went to a couple of weeks back - well worth a visit if you get the chance to.)

The Mind Wanders

I just seem to have too much
Going on inside my head
Especially late at night
Just before I got to bed
I try to lie down on the pillow
And put all thoughts aside
But I just have a wandering mind
That just ticks over inside
I have a lot of thoughts
They all seem to be there
I can't get rid of them now
And the sleep isn't just there
I try to distract myself
With other things to do
But the mind is still wandering
And that will never do.

(The mind is wandering a lot it has to be said...)

New Job Haiku

My new job begins
Lots of learning to be done
Apply what I know.

(Certainly a definitive month or so for the new job...)