Poetry - September 2017

Record Hunting

I browse the rack
For that elusive track
It's by Fleetwood Mac
And I want to have it back
I look through the sevens
I think I'm in heaven
With Wedding Present's 11
Of the 12, oh what fun!
I see the punk
And also the funk
In amongst the junk
That appears to be sunk
I adore my music
With dance tunes so slick
And the slab of vinyl is thick
In between all the Cheap Trick
I spot an album with glee
It's one which was meant for me
But only if it's got the EP
Which was the extra freebie
But as I browse the vinyl
I know it isn't dull
And from Haverfordwest to Hull
Record hunting is a fulfil.

(Got to admit, browsing record shops is just my thing - I love finding some good tunes to listen to...)


The storm continues at a pace
With the swell of winds and rain
The residents look on with dread
As it's more water falling again
The land is already drenched
From the last amount of fall
It looks like it's here to stay
So you're going to make the call
Should you stay and try to weather it out
And see if you are safer there
Or evacuate now while you still can
And admit that the weather will be unfair
You see all the news reports
Of streets becoming rivers and streams
You make sure you get out in time
Before you hear the helpless screams
From those all around in trouble
Wanting help to come and rescue them all
In a massive flooded disaster
Where the shower becomes a squall.

(So many floods as of late, and it's symbolic of how much climate change IS happening, despite what certain people might think.)

Thoughts From A Warped World

As the last year or two have gone
Brexit is slowly becoming the harsh reality
Conservatives not caring about the trains
Driving people to change their jobs
Especially those travelling on Southern Fail
Flooding is taking place in many countries
Got to wonder why America gets all the coverage
Hate is what is attempting to be spread wide
I and many others don't want that to happen
Just a look at how Manchester came back to life
Knowing that the togetherness made us all
Love one another and feel a bond that doesn't break
Mancunians are a special bread, Ariana Grande just so too
Never has there been such an outpouring of love
Oh my home city, you make me proud to be mine
Perhaps there's lessons which a president can learn from
Quite why you want to do what you do on Twitter
Really gives me a sense of thinking you're bigger than everyone
So it might make sense for you to shut up instead
Taking the backlash with North Korea for example
Usual occurrence for a brash and up their backside person
V signs from all of those who want peace and love
Where the current world is so warped and full of
Xenophobia and hatred for one another
Yet there's still a sense that one day that
Zealots will lose and everyone else will win.

(Just a few alphabetised thoughts into the current warped world we live in.)

Haçienda House Heaven

Back in the late 1980s
Close to railway arches in Manchester
There was a happening place to be
And that was the Haçienda
The night club where house would play
And indeed along with New Order
Where the eclectic mix who wanted to dance
Would do so with a feeling of disorder
Not having to look all fancy in trousers
But dress what the hell you felt like
Getting high on the music of Chicago
Mixed with the Mancunian Factory Records - nice
The distinctive yellow and black
Marked the pillars that held the place up
As you whistled with everyone else
As another killer track gets hooked up
It's about feeling so free and happy
In doing just what you want to do
A time before the drug wars then kicked in
And made it much less safe for me and you.

(The days of when the Haçienda was the place to go - sadly missed by all us Mancunians let me tell you.)

Transfer Window Haiku

The phrase that pays is
Sky Sports understands that.. and
Watch the day unfold.

(You can always tell when Sky Sports News goes into overdrive.. especially on that day..)