Poetry - September 2014

What Next?

Changes are all afoot
And I'm not sure if I like them all
It's made me think about my life
And what I need to do next
Is a move on the cards elsewhere?
Do I need to further my career?
What do I need to achieve
And will I be able to achieve it?
You can never be too sure these days
As life changes as quickly as anything
All you can do is go with the flow
But even then it's unsure
Seizing the moment
Might be the way forward
But how I can seize that
Is something I need to work out.

(Career crossroads time I think.. I am sure we have all had that.)

I Want To Go Back To Cornwall

I see the pictures of the mount at sunset
And the sun rising over Mount's Bay
It's a glorious view of the far South West
And I wish that I could go back away
And head down to Cornwall again
To see the beloved place I adore
Where everything is a slower pace of life
Where you just want to relax some more
Enjoying a Cornish pasty by the sea
With the gentle breeze in your hair
Walking the South West Cost Path
And without anything in the world to care
It has a beauty all of its own
And as I look out from the apartment at night
I see the stillness of the sea
And wish that I could see that every night
It just feels so wonderful to be there
And I know that if it was my call
I'd be jumping on a train back now
I want to go back to Cornwall.

(Inspired by a friend of both mine and The Love In My Heart who is having a great time in Cornwall, as we've done, and it just makes me want to go back there.)

Post Brazil Depression

Empty seats everywhere
North London seems so quiet
It's almost like a deathly silence
And nothing to excite as yet
It's a dreary and dull win
Settled from the penalty spot
And any positives from the game?
Maybe, but not a lot
The national team is out of favour
For playing so poorly in Brazil
And now the depression hits
With fans unable to be excited still
We may qualify for the Euros
But it seems so silent
It's almost as if we've given up
And this is the team's lament.

(It was like watching a League Cup match seeing the England game last night - horrendously low attendance and not much to excite either. I think it's going to take a lot for people to start watching the England national football team sadly.)

The Freezer of Doom

Making an ice cream Alaska
In the middle of the Summer
Really doesn't equate so well
And leaves contestants on a bummer
As they struggle to freeze the ice cream
And keep opening the doors
To check if it's all getting colder
But then, oh zut alors!
One cake has been removed
And left out in the sun
A minute later and it's melting
And he doesn't think it's fun
The freezer of doom is where it should go
In order to try and get back cool
But instead the Brabantia gets it
Later he feels such a fool
As he cannot present anything
But the contents of the grey bin
Which have melted into a black and white slop
On appearance, a cardinal sin
Whoever left it out then left
Mysteriously the week after
Which makes me wonder just
If it'll all end happy ever after?

(My own take on "Bingate" courtesy of the Great British Bake Off episode..)

Spa Haiku

Rosberg hits the wheel
Hamilton has to retire
Accident, my arse!

(My take on the now infamous incident at the recent Belgian Grand Prix)