Poetry - September 2013

Pool of Joy

When I was younger I'd head with some friends
To swim at the baths on Hathersage Road
I always ended up just paddling in the shallow end
I could swim a width but that was it all told
Nonetheless I had an affection for the place
With its iconic green tiles and a feeling of history
And ten years ago when it won Restoration
I felt like it was going to tell a new story
And so it came to be that for the anniversary
The main gala or first class males pool was to be
Full of water ready for a swimming display
It somehow felt rather special to me
Seeing it being back to how it was back in the day
With people enjoying their swim and relaxing
And seeing it now with the pool full once again
It really did show that time was timeless, not ageing
I just wanted to see this day happen so much
And thanks to everyone who put in their effort and time
It means that part of my childhood is preserved
And that makes me feel proud that it's still mine.

(Seeing the main pool in Victoria Baths in Manchester back full again evoked so many memories - a lot of them happy it has to be said.)


I wish for lots of things to happen
Not all of them will ever do
But part of is just wishing
That I could make some of them be true
I wish for world peace so none will fight
And have to use weapons on each other
I wish that we all respected the family
And could all just love one another
I really do wish for me to feel content
In the job I'm doing at the moment
I also wish that I don't want to feel sad
With every sad song or lament
That makes me feel all worried inside
About what's out there at this time
I wish I could try and concentrate
Instead of being distracted all the time
But the one thing I wish for most of all
Is for me to actually stop wishing
Where the world would be a happier place
And we could all be kind and forgiving.

(Maybe I'm thinking a little on the rhetorical factor here, but who knows?)

I Do A Day

I wake, I rise
I wash, I shave
I shower, I dry
I dress, I change
I eat, I make
I leave, I walk
I ride, I walk
I arrive, I start
I speak, I email
I write, I chat
I drink, I think
I type, I fix
I eat, I email
I connect, I type
I leave, I walk
I ride, I arrive
I relax, I watch
I eat, I drink
I type, I check
I sit, I relax
I watch, I play
I climb, I flop
I rest, I sleep
I wake, I sleep.

(The normal Monday to Friday day in a nutshell - sort of TV commercial based ideas, I suppose.)

Fuji 1976

Two man driven by their passion
One final race to decide their fate
Two hours delayed by constant rain
One live and expensive satellite link
Two races ago the championship was nowhere
One race left and it's either for the taking
Two team managers motivating their drivers
One has come back from a terrible accident
Two inches of rain falling on the circuit
One organiser wants to get things started
Two drivers who stand for their colleagues' safety
One single argument that the track is unsafe
Two minutes later an unpopular decision is made
One that will change the course of history
Two by two the drivers line up on the grid
One minute to start appears on the boards
Two laps in and it's clearly not fit to race
One decides eventually to retire for safety
Two tyres punctured on the car as it comes in
One lap later and it would all have been over
Two laps left and the place needed is regained
One point in front to win the World Championship
Two rivals whose season came down to this
One unforgettable race in Japan.

(A classic motorsport memory in time - no doubt more will be remembered when everyone including me heads to see Rush at the cinemas this month)

Swap Salaries

The transfer fee is through the roof
The weekly salary is madness on top
Yet I'd like to see what happens
If the footballer was made to swap
Their salaries with a healthcare worker
Or a doctor or nurse in the NHS
Whose salary is worth a lot more than yours
But isn't reflected in what they get
They save lives, you play football
It's not even a small difference
But yet you take the inflated wages
As the transfer saga runs and runs
Each week that you're paid 300K
Think of those much less fortunate
Who do their job with endless stress
Whilst you play for your team so great.

(Crazy transfers, crazy salaries, and yet those who do a much more worthwhile job are paid a pittance. Not really fair is it?)