Poetry - September 2012

Thunderstormy Day

I'd just got back to the office at work
And was pretty glad that I had
A few minutes later the rain started
And bucketed it down, made me feel sad
But I was also glad to be inside
When I heard the giant roar of thunder
A flash of lightning a few minutes later
And it made me glad I was here
In the safety of a comfortable office
And not one where the lightning would strike
It looked pretty scary as we saw outside
And the hail stones pelted down, I didn't like
Strangely it all seemed to stop
Just as I was deciding to head home
And that meant it had passed over us
And for that I couldn't really moan.

(It's been such a topsy turvy Summer weather wise. Today is lovely and sunny but the thunder storm a few days ago was pretty horrible to be honest.)

The Smile of a Champion

The capacity crowd give a massive cheer
As Hannah is introduced to the crowd
The audience just wants her to win
And for her they all go very loud
And then to a hush as the starter prompts
All the athletes now in their position
Not wanting to false start in their chairs
Because it might mean disqualification
The gun goes, the crowd roars as one
And off she goes towards the line
Down the straight, one hundred metres later
The gold medal, she says, is going to be mine
With a lovely smile that's infectious
She has indeed claimed a superb gold
And with that warm happy glow around her
It's a wonderful story to behold
As she's interviewed by Channel 4 later
She likens it to meeting her heroes McFly
But you've gained an army of new fans
As Hannah Cockroft's the champion, oh aye.

(It was inspirational stuff seeing Hannah Cockroft win her 100m event at the Paralympic Games - she was just so happy and buzzing afterwards it showed you what it meant to her but also how much she enjoyed competing - and that's what the games should be about. Well done you! :)

Mini Golf Mayhem

It's a little like crazy golf as such
But there's no windmills to hit through
And no obstacles apart from a blocked way
And so it's different to play too
On a warm day in Stratford-upon-Avon
It's just the perfect way to chill out
As armed with a putter and coloured ball
You just have to concentrate right now
The shot has to be hit clean
As the hole is on a raised slope
And if you get it slightly wrong
Back down it goes and there's no hope
My lovely love hits the ball clean
Bounces off the angled wall
And then heads straight for the centre
Of only the fourth hole
A hole is one is the result
Something she would achieve later too
Just proves that you've got be accurate
As my attempt on that hole scored two
It's actually a test of good skill
And one that I admittedly was okay at
But the honours on mini golf go to her
She showed coolness and was the coolest cat.

(Had great fun on the mini golf as The Love In My Heart took a well deserved win - well done her!)

Going Underground To The Pub

You wouldn't think you'd find a nice pub
That doesn't have any windows at all
That's hidden under the bowels of a city centre
And just has to be found via a hotel entrance mall
But your reward is a place with atmosphere
And a cosy way to enjoy your beer
With warm friendly company everywhere
Who've found this gem right here
There's plenty of choice for me
And a good selection of red, white and rose
So we're both happy as we drink relaxed
As the evening draws to a close.

(If you're ever in Birmingham, do try and search out Bacchus Bar - you'll be glad you did.)

Paralympic Haiku

Medals being won
The athletes with hearts of gold
And they do inspire.

(I feel just as inspired by the Paralympics!)