Poetry - September 2011

Driving Down Deansgate

A day after a third place
In the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa
Jenson Button headed to Manchester
To demonstrate his McLaren car
The roads were closed and a track was set
For him to go very fast on
And memories of his epic wins
Are ones for fathers to pass on
You could hear the noise coming
Of the MP4-23
As the tyres burned rubber on the road
And the noise came and went beautifully
As he drove past so fast with grin
Enjoying every moment of the run
One which the public watching will savour
Long after he's been and gone
It was a great afternoon of Formula One
That I was just so thankful to see
Because that's all we might ever get
Once we lose coverage on the BBC.

(A completely awesome day all told and Jenson Button completely went for it in the McLaren MP4-23 F1 car. I was just such a happy bunny for ages afterwards.)

I Thought I Were Great

Back in the 1980s things weren't great
And Thatcher's Britain wasn't the best
And yet from all those dark times came writers
Who understood the urban undressed
Writing great dramas that were gritty
And told life like it really was
When this film was released in 1987
It had people thinking it was crass
Nothing was further from the truth
As it was a working class Northern drama
Of two babysitters and a bloke getting it on
Cheating on his wife - what a pollava
It showed the dark urban side of life
That not many people dared to tread
It had lots of swearing and sexual content
But it wasn't all about getting in bed
It was about how life was and what you made of it
And harsh realities for many of that time
So I salute you Andrea Dunbar for your drama
That showed just why white suits were a crime!

(Was talking with a friend the other night about the 1980s film Rita Sue and Bob Too and it made me realise that in all of Thatcher's Britain, drama writers were inspired by how life really was to make some real drama out there. The title of the poem is a line from the film, in case you wondered.)

Straw Sculptures

I took a visit to Park Farm
Which is in the mid-Cheshire countryside
I mainly went for Snugbury's ice cream
But there was another feast for the eyes
In the fields of the farm every year
There's a large sculpture made of straw
And it's rather tall, large and massive
Certainly the largest polar bear I ever saw
They had their straw Big Ben on the news
And they've also done the dome too
It's certainly a different method of farming
One that gets people talking about, too
Next time you're down Nantwich way
Do pop along and have a look here
Because you'll think "how did they make it?"
And you'll want to go back there next year.

(I couldn't believe how impressive the straw sculptures in Park Farm near Nantwich, home of Snugburys Ice Cream, no less. Well worth going for the sculpture and the ice cream too.)

Acronym Hell

Everything has to be shortened
To three or four letters
It's supposed to make life easier
But what you get instead is confusion
Everything stands for something else
And that doesn't really cut it for me
It's an acronym of this or an acronym of that
And it just makes me really angry
Why use the shortened form so much?
Does it hurt the brain to think?
When the proper name means we all understand
Just what you're trying to say
You end up with all sorts of short hand
And you're supposed to know what they all mean
But I just think it's a lazy way of thinking
And I'd much rather it all go to acronym hell.

(Sometimes at some workplaces it's just a buzz with everything having an acronym. Why?)

Holiday Haiku

I can't wait to go
Away for a holiday
It's just what I need!

(I am sure we've all felt like that haven't we?..)