Poetry - September 2008

You've Got (Fan) Mail

A nice surprise hits my mailbox
Every little now and then occasionally
As someone's filled out the Contact Me form
And decided to get in touch with me
I read every one as I think it's nice
That people get in touch
And even nicer when people write and say
That they like what you do very much
Whether it be something to touch the nerve
Or a poem that's been something to relate to
It really does warm the heart
When I receive a mail out of the blue
It makes my day when the time is taken
To appreciate what I do with this site
And I do ensure I reply to them all
Because it's only fair I acknowledge what they write
So thank you to all of you
Who've taken the time out to say hello
It really does feel like you're a little fan
And that gives me a warm Ready Brek glow.

(I just wanted to write a little thank you for those people who feel inspired by what I do or appreciate the words I write and so on - it's nice to feel like I've even got some fans out there. It makes me very humble. Indeed.)

The Prodigal Son Returns

Going to Chelski for so much money
Was a millstone around your neck
And when it didn't work out so well there
You must have thought "Flippin heck!
What have I thrown away by going there
The chance of an England place"
At the World Cup or Euros, could have been yours
Instead frozen out without trace
But now you've been given a second chance
To resurrect and build bridges with the fans
The ones who chant your name and love you
And make our team so much less of also-rans
It's like a prodigal son makes his return
Back to the hallowed Eastlands ground
And with two goals on debut, that's bound to place
Those who remembered you first time around
So please remember it's our fans that love you
And gave you the divine right
To have the skills and chant all of your own
Shaunie, Wright Wright Wright.

(As you can imagine, I was rather pleased to see Shaun Wright-Phillips back at Manchester City - not least when scoring two goals on his debut. Oh yes. Get in.)

Transfer Deadline Day Madness

It's a day later than the end of August
And the final day to sign till January
Every club is spitting feathers
Trying to make some fancy new signings
That would really invoke passion and pride
In the fans of the team you support
As the day goes on it gets more manic
With medicals being conducted and bids made
And a vital wish for the fax machine to work
As it sends its documents to the league HQ
Just before the stroke of midnight
And yet most clubs have bought already
Before the start of the football season
To ensure the players that they have will fit in
And not be joining after the event
It's still anyone's guess where someone will end up
Will he go here or will he go there?
It's the question on everyone's lips
As midnight approaches and it gets silly season
And then just the wait for January..

(It's always the same around this time of year as everyone really tries to gain the last minute signing before the deadlines - I wonder what'd happen if we didn't have them?)

Native Singing

You buy an album from your favourite group
And although you appreciate them singing English
Somehow you think it's not quite right
And that the translated words just don't quite fit
You are a fan of the band in question
And so you see if you can hunt down a release
Of the songs done in their native language
You have the English version, at least
So you know what they're going on about in words
But the performance sounds better as originally planned
You scour the import sections of the record shop
Hoping that you don't have to ask the counter manned
A question that they will have no answer to
Which is "do you have this in German by any chance?"
A look from the shop assistant would be all you need to now
And not even worth a second glance
But you find someone out there who has enough stock
And you wait for the package all excited
Listening proves a pleasurable experience
And your friends are all invited
You love your music and love your bands
You don't care what country they come from
But you know that native singing always works best
And it sounds much less dull and humdrum.

(It's always good to see bands release albums in their native language to be honest, and why shouldn't they? You don't see Rammstein doing English language, and many of Kraftwerk's albums were in German as well as English, and The Sugarcubes even had Icelandic releases. Having a choice is much better.)

Thaksin Haiku

You're now on the run
From justice you can't avoid
Unless you sell this club.

(Simple and to the point..)