Poetry - September 2007

Girls With Guns

The CCTV footage is plain to see
And what's more it tells no lie
As two teenage girls brandish a replica gun
The whole thing makes me want to ask why?
Why do people need to resort to guns for fun
When in fact they're dangerous and kill
Why is there a whole being in gang code of honour
That just seems to be another teenage thrill?
It's spookily scary that there's kids about
Who'll look at that footage with pride
Because they wish it was them that did it
But it just makes the ordinary person run and hide
They feel ashamed that society's so far out of control
That such incidents are reported as everyday
You have to wonder what the parents are doing
When they saw it was their children at play.

(When a CCTV camera sees two teenage girls in the centre of Manchester brandishing guns, so many questions have to be asked. I've only skimmed the surface and could rant Henry Rollins style about it.)

One in Four Is One Too Many

With the advent of Myspace and Facebook
There's so many dangers for the kids out there
And with no control being done by either
Then it's quite easily for the paedophiles to stalk unaware
So many children are naive about what details they give
Everything from their mobile number to home address
And yet social networking sites don't seem to care
That many people meet anonymously off the Net, no less
There's no form of safety and the very naivety is the danger
That one day someone could be abducted and taken away
And when one in four has met someone off the Net
Whom they didn't know: it can't be that far away
While the Net is uncensored and relatively free of censorship
There also can sometimes lie its Achilles Heel too
Because one in four is just one too many
And meeting someone you don't know is a big risk to you.

(I feel particularly angry about the way certain social networking sites don't do enough to protect children, and certainly I'd rather see some sort of check to ensure that kids can't give out too much information. Is it no surprise to learn that many paedophiles use Myspace to dupe new kids for their evil ways?)

Wembley Way

I want to walk down Wembley Way
And for it to be my team playing there
Coming out of the tube station
And seeing the brand new arch
Just looks so awe-inspiring
I want to be there and be there soon
So I can see the heroes in blue and white
Playing their hearts out for me.
I dream of seeing my team there
In a cup final and lifting a trophy
I really want to see it happen
I've had a taste for it now
Watching St Helens in the Challenge Cup
And victory tasted sweet right there
So I ideally want more and for it to be my team
So I can do that walk down Wembley Way.

(Inspired by my trip there for the Challenge Cup Final last week. Now only if Man City could get there!)

That Top Of The League Feeling

Two games played, two games won
All seems well and all seems very good
But now it's a massive test for my team
As we play some team who play in Red from Stretford
It's a big ask for us to beat them
We didn't do so at home last season
And even considering the injuries that they have
A win for them predicted by pundits stands to reason
But they've forgotten that we can play a bit now
And that we've got much more drive and passion
I have a feeling that we're not going to give up
And show so much pride and determination
The games kicks off and we're on the back foot
But making all the challenges that we need to do
The odd venture forward results in nothing yet
But I'm sure as hell happy and proud to be Blue
And then all of a sudden a shot on goal
From Geovanni that deflects on its way to the net
But as the net bulges it's 1-0 to City
And could we possibly win this one yet?
Time and the game ticks on and we defend
In numbers and that frustrates me a lot
We want to be going for another goal if we can
Not defending and allowing a possible goal loss
But no one's going to get past Micah Richards today
He and Richard Dunne are impassable
And even if they are got past by the Man U attack
They encounter Kasper Schmeichel whose form is irresistible
We hang on and on and I really do wish
For that final whistle to blow rather quickly
Because I want to celebrate an unlikely win
That gives us three wins out of three
And sure enough after four minutes of added time
Comes that shrill sound I've been waiting for
It' so good to feel top of the league
Could we possibly go on and make it four from four?

(Words fail me how happy I was when City beat United to go top of the Premiership. Okay so we didn't beat Arsenal for a fourth win this season, but we were top of the league and Man U were in the bottom three. Oh how I milked that!)

Platonic Misassumptions

If I'm out with a female friend
Why do people always assume
That the person who's with me
Is automatically my partner?
I'm sure there's others out there
Who have nice platonic friends
Could be asking themselves the same question
Because after all
We all have nice friends
Shouldn't matter what sex that they are
Because the key thing is for me
Is that they're a nice person full stop
And that I get on famously with them
And have a wonderful time
So it shouldn't matter to anyone
If a friend is male or female at all
A line is drawn and it's not crossed
If you're one of those insecure types
Who can't work out platonic friendships
Then your world really will fall around you.

(Having friends of the opposite sex is a good thing - it makes you more rounded as a person. Don't like the assumption that you're dating them, mind..)