Poetry - September 2004

Home Again

I depart from the platform
I leave Piccadilly Station behind
I can see the city below me
And I know I'm now home
From a phoenix from the ashes
The city rose from its depths
Modern and ancient at the same time
With plenty on offer for everyone
It doesn't matter who you are
Or where you come from
Whenever I arrive back in Manchester
I always feel like I'm home
Gone is the old fashioned city
Almost gone is the Arndale's toilet tiles
But always here is the friendliness
That makes the place so unique
And as we hosted the Commonwealth Games
My heart so filled with pride
That it was our city getting all the limelight
And nothing more than it deserved
When I look at the lasting legacy
And see the new look centre
There's still the old mixed with the new
The values that hold the city together
And every time I arrive back in Piccadilly
I know that I'm back where I belong
In a place I'm extremely proud to call

(A much extended version of what I wrote for the Poem for Manchester competition - only this time I wasn't restricted by the forty word limit so I could expand a bit on my feeling)

The Rush At 5am

It's five o clock in the morning
The first 192 bus of the day
And yet as it arrives it's heaving
Full of commuters and shift workers
So much so that people are standing
And this from a double decker bus as well
It just goes to show you
That no matter what time of day it is
People need to get around
And get on with their own lives.

(Apparently - it's busy even at that time. Bloody hell!)

I Hate Big Brother

Here comes that Nadia
Kept her secret sex op from the house
I don't like Marco either
Is he a man or is he a mouse?
I hate Big Brother
It's like no other
I hate Big Brother
It's not reality
And that is free
Look out here's Stuart
Cuddling Michelle to get some attentive shame
And that's what they all do
Just here for their five seconds of fame
I hate Big Brother
It's just cheap TV
I hate Big Brother
I can't stand Davina
Or Dermot, see.

(No explanation necessary. Spookily the lyrics fit Bennet's great track "I Hate My Family" - locate that if you can - and the album "Super Natural, cos it's ace. Which Big Brother isn't.)

The Wright Moment

Fifty three minutes have gone
As England play the Ukraine
I'm hoping as the board comes up
That it'll be time for our man to reign
On he comes in the number seventeen
And the name blazoned across his back
As he seeks to sprint down the right wing
In the night that's drawing to black
He gets the ball from his own half
And runs on with no support
No problem I'll just have a shot
And see what happens, he thought
In went the ball to the bottom corner
And even Alan Hansen had a smile
Not often you see that at a game
Which made his debut worthwhile
And so as the qualifiers begin in earnest
A thought that we should ask Sven
If we'd have taken Shaun Wright-Phillips to Euro 2004
Would we have lost to Portugal then?

(Obviously still buzzing from Shaun Wright-Phillips' debut for England. Unlike a certain other player, Shaun has been loyal to his team (good for me of course) and it's paid dividends for him. Shaunie Wright Wright Wright!)

Lust and Love

You want her right now
She really wants you right now
And so you make love
In passion you are
As you both rip your clothes off
In amidst desire
Pure lust takes over
As you re-enact a scene
Nine and a half weeks.

(Get down - get down, to another haiku.)