Poetry - October 2017

He was a special cat
That I loved will all my heart you see
He might have wanted to scratch me
But he was just protecting Mummy
He was very close to my love
Snuggling up on the bed stretched out
And then a gentle paw at 4am
To wake up and have a little run about
He would run to the cupboard all the time
Whenever he heard the bag shake
That had his favourite Dreamies inside
And beat his brother Brian to the plate
He would preen himself with his paws
Giving you a sense of contentment
He'd paw the cupboard door open later on
Seeking the tune food that was pure enjoyment
The one thing Jô loved doing most of all
Was running around after a little ball
He'd play football with it with his paws
And then stride off proudly, ball and all
I feel so sad that he's no longer here
A cat that my love and I loved so
I really really do miss him so much
And you'll always be in my heart, Jô.

(Says it all - he may have wanted to scratch but he was always so lovely and sweet and protective of Mummy, but also was so happy playing with his ball, munching Dreamies and being so cute and lovely.)

Putting Perfection

Whenever I play the game of crazy golf
I always want to try to get a hole in one
The feeling that I get when the ball drops in
And the joy it provides is just bar none
I love the classic courses with the windmill
Playing the World Championship course in Hastings
Dodging the watermill, through the helter skelter
And hoping at the end I make the bell ring
It's just a pastime I enjoy relaxing with
And the three courses I played on Saturday
All had a variety of styles to hit with perfection
And a hole in one on each all made my day
I love the way that the holes all vary
With a different shot on each to be direct
It's a sense of hitting and working out the angle
Then proving that I can be putting perfect.

(So enjoyable was the crazy golf at Hastings on Saturday that I want to go back and play again!)

Walking Along The Beach

There's something just so calm and peaceful
As walking along a beach that's deserted
I'm the only one here and it feels magic
A sense of breathing in all the sea air
Looking out to the sea and seeing a solitary boat
The pebbles and sand support my feet as I walk
Heading East towards where the sun currently is
And enjoying the wind in my hair as I go
There's something idyllic about being so calm
Away from everything for just a moment
Taking in the sight of the sun heading West
And the blue skies coming forth from the clouds
I want to stay here for a fair bit longer
Enjoying all the peace and quiet that I have now
It's a small moment but one I can treasure
Putting all the worries I have away for a moment.

(Something so lovely about just having a beach to yourself and to gather your thoughts I think.)

Train By The Sea

Whenever I travelled to Cornwall by train
There's one part of Devon I'd always like to be
The stretch of track between Starcross and Teignmouth
The mouth of the River Exe along to the sea
The train hugs the sea wall all the way along
With a sense of feeling almost the edge
Looking out of the window down to the beach
Wishing you could get off over the window ledge
The sea laps gently on to the wall at the side
As the train heads past the caravans
And approaching Dawlish with its lovely view
The tea rooms all filled with love and romance
It feels like a journey that just feels so lovely
And I know how much got repaired after the storm
But when the sun is out and you're by the sea
The train just makes you feel all cosy and warm.

(I love that part of Devon on the train - it's just a really special view that makes the journey even more worthwhile as you head to Cornwall.)

Bargain Haiku

Finding a bargain
Always makes me feel happy
Paying less for stuff.

(Don't we all?)