Poetry - October 2016

Back To The 90s

Growing up in my earlier years
Indie music was everywhere I went
A whole movement and a style
That we look back on with lament
How much those bands meant to me
And how important it all appeared to be
And yet those halcyon days are back
With all day festivals indoors for me
It's remembering the great songs
That made you listen with a smile
Whether it be pogoing en masse
Or a gentle sway all the while
It was a case of breaking through
And then almost becoming too mainstream
But those bands still all live on
And for us, they've not lost it, it seems
Every time I hear certain songs
It always takes me right back
To an era of really good music
Where the guitars were king in the track.

(Those were the days, and I'm hoping to relive some of those at such all dayers such as Indie Daze and possibly Gigantic next year too.)

Can You Pogo?

We all jumped around like loons
Because of the infectious song
We didn't care as we all jumped together
Even though it may appear so wrong
It was a movement of everyone
All being captivated by performance
And showing their appreciation
By refusing to sway and dance
Instead bounding up and down
And singing along to the track
Digging their TV and remote control
And bumping into the next person's back
It was a time when you all felt alive
Being carried by the masses around you
Dirty Harry made their day
And Alan Moore knew the score too.

(Always feel like that at a Pop Will Eat Itself gig actually, most likely because they are so good live.....)


Hold me so close
I feel like I'm so fragile
I can't breathe with the emotion
Of our seemingly breathless love
It is a warm feeling inside
And that sense of being together
It makes me feel alive
And yet so still and calm
I feel so breathless with you
It's just so hard to describe
The softness of your touch
The tenderness of your kiss
The way you hold me close
Sensations inside I never felt
It's just so wonderfully breathless
The feeling of intense bliss
As we gaze into our eyes
With the softness of our hearts
The ice that was there
Has melted all apart
It's down to the feeling I have
So breathless and gentle with love
I never want to leave this
And hope I can feel this again.

(We strive for moments like this, and when it happens, it's just an emotional feeling..)

Yes I Can

Every single gold medal
Won with the passion in the heart
The fire inside their body
And their winning is such an art
No one tells them no they can't
It's a defiant yes I can
Showing they're athletes in their own right
Being the best woman or man
It's not about their disablity
It's about their ability
To be the best that they can be
At whatever classification or category
To run faster with a prosthetic
Or having a guide to be blind and athletic
Nothing stops them from being the best
And beating all of the rest
Cycling faster, rowing further
Going for the extra bowl in boccia
Swimming faster and breaking a record
To lifting weights that I couldn't muster
It's a sense of everyone being together
And backing every British woman and man
To show their Paralympic pedigree
And to win with the shout "Yes I can!"

(The whole "Yes I Can" rhetoric was a perfect way by Channel 4 to show the Paralympians off, showing that no one can tell them that they can't. They can, and did, win lots of medals and they made me proud of their efforts, well done to all of them.)

100 Months

One hundred months have passed
Since I met the woman I love
So much has changed in my life
And it feels so good inside
I've managed to progress my career
Even if that's meant a move South
We've been inspiring each other
To achieve greater things for ourselves
But above all of that
The main achievement I am proud of
Is being able to love and to be loved
In a way I never thought possible
The butterflies in the stomach
The nevervousness before I met her
Were all gone so quickly
I just knew that she was a special woman
I feel so upset when I head back home
Wishing we could see each other more
But our love grows stronger every day
And that makes me feel so warm inside
I always wanted to know what real love felt like
And thought at least twice before I had it
However the moment I met my love
I knew this was a massive difference
It's been the same ever since
And that makes me feel so happy inside
I want to thank her from all of my heart
Keeping our happiness going for so long.

(And I really do mean that..)