Poetry - October 2015

Outplayed, Outclassed and Out of Discipline

The tournament started off well
And hope did spring eternal
But losing to Wales the previous Saturday
Was a real sense of a wake up call
They wanted it more than England
It showed in their pride and passion
We just looked so lethargic
And just hoped for some retribution
Against Australia the Saturday after
Knowing we had to win to keep hopes of winning
All we got was a weak display
Where the silence became deafening
No one wanted to be there
Seeing us outplayed and outclassed
The discpline went out of the window too
And for those ten minutes that passed
Australia tore England to pieces
All the weaknesses were cruelly exposed
The only thing that may be positive
Is that it might mean Stuart Lancaster goes
Being eliminated in your home tournament
At the group stage is a total disaster
And the coach is supposed to be the one
To make the team work harder and faster
All I saw instead was wrong selection decisions
Not knowing what the best line up was
It added to the frustration watching
Knowing that England were lost by their boss.

(The Rugby World Cup has been a disaster for England. Although I am going on Saturday to see them play Uruguay at the Etihad Stadium, I suspect the atmosphere will be hugely deflated and there might be some criticism of the management especially. We shall see. But what an opportunity missed.)

Fast Five

An equaliser just before half time
Was just the start of it all
Manchester City against Newcastle
And a player gets a give goal haul
Sergio Agüero had been struggling for form
Till a winning Champions League penalty
Handling that under pressure was good
It gave him the confidence, you see
After half time he was just lethal
Everything he touched turned to goals
From a deflected left foot shot
To a gorgeous dink over the keeper
Then a curling shot of absolute beauty
And a low slotted finish, he as receiver
From a ball from Kevin de Bruyne
And so history was then made
No one had scored five in the Premier League
With such speed and so well played
Appaently he was carrying a knock
Which made the goals more remarkable
But I was so glad to witness that live
A day that I'll remember as wonderful.

(There are some games you would love to say "I was there" for - and this one last Saturday, with Sergio Agüero scoring five in 23 minutes as Manchester City crushed Newcastle 6-1 was one of them.)

The Season of Sackings

Christmas has come early
If you're a fan of Sunderland
As the manager has finally gone
And ended up with none
Over in Liverpool it was a case
Of when and not if it would be
As Brendan Rogers was sent packing
After his failure to spend wisely
It seems that the silly season
Has now started yet again
As chairmen get trigger happy
For a short term boost and gain
Avoiding relegation is hard
But harder when the team's unsettled
A change of manager may help quick
It's then when the dust has settled
That time tells if the decision was right
And that new blood was the right move
Or if sacking was a massive mistake
In the rest of the season - time to prove.

(We're only into October and two Premier League football managers already gone. Madness, I tell you.)

Singles Going Steady

There is one singles compilation
That has stood the test of time
With joyous pop punk songs
Where the fun in listening is all mine
From Orgasm Addict to Oh Shit
And Harmony In My Head
Listening to the tracks makes me smile
To Something's Gone Wrong Again
If you don't want to pogo
To Everybody's Happy Nowadays
Then you're just plain miserable
And go on your own sorry way
I'll go back to the start and play again
The short sweet hits of the Buzzcocks
Where it's all killer, no filler
And every single track just rocks.

(Needless to say you all need to own a copy of the Buzzcocks' "Singles Going Steady" compilation - it's cracking singles and B-sides and just perfect..)

Autumnal Haiku

Leaves fall off the trees
Causing delays on the trains
Maples have fallen.

(It's that time of year again..)