Poetry - October 2014

Shakespeare Mondays

Two famous Shakespeare plays
In two different settings
One in a natural theatre
And the other in a swimming baths
Yet both contemporary
In their own different ways
We had a female lead to Hamlet
With the marvellous Maxine Peake
In the round at the Royal Exchange
And no quarter asked or given
When taking part in the sword play
And a supporting cast which included
Mrs Greg from The Mill no less
It all went together so well
And with a sell out crowd cheering
It really did have an atmosphere
Similarly at Victoria Baths
You could feel the warmth from the pools
As the evening descended into night
And the actors headed on stage
A modern day street fighting feud
But yet with the love so unrequited
And a wonderful Juliet in Sara Vickers
That captured the fragility so well
I quite like my Shakespeare Mondays
And really enjoyed my time spent
I wonder if Love's Labours Lost is next
On a Monday not too far away?

(The way it worked out with theatre visits - two Mondays, two Shakespeare versions, and both cracking.)

Nervous Trepidation

Waking up at five in the morning
Heading down Southward bound
For a meeting that might define you
And one you might not have found
But for the proactive approach
And a way of looking at vacancies
Which shows you have enthusiasm
And a get up and go policy
Filling in all the numerous forms
With a military precision
Making lots of good answers
That helps selectors make a decision
But as train gets nearer
The nerves start to set in
As you think how much it could change
If the decision made is yes, therein
You just want to do your best
Without the worries getting on top
You want to give concise answers
And avoid talking non-stop
You want to present yourself
As efficient, reliable and able
But having to concentrate is hard
When you're facing three over a table.

(Dedicated to anyone who's had a job interview and felt massively nervous about it)

Super Frankie Lampard

A legend for Chelsea
In the many years he spent
Came to us via New York City
And a loan deal - him for rent
In an ironic twist at the Etihad
City would play Chelsea
Their fans would sing his name
Super Frankie Lampard, you see
His name was announced
They cheered with pride
He came off the bench
With a goal needed by the sky blue side
We all wondered what would happen
And then the moment was set
When he got on the end of a Milner pass
And the ball hit the back of the net
Yet the Chelsea fans took it with good grace
Super Frankie Lampard they sung
Which showed their love of him
And even at thirty six years young
His experience will do well for us
Giving an option for our side
I hope in a few months time
We'll feel just as much pride.

(I now fully appreciate just why Frank Lampard was highly regarded at Chelsea, and to be fair, he didn't celebrate when he scored against Chelsea either, full respect to him for that. He's made a difference for City though and anything that annoys Arsene Wenger is a winner for me.)


I didn't say yes
I didn't say maybe
And not even possibly
But it was two letters
That say all you need to know
And that's no
Which part of no
Don't you understand?
I won't be swayed
There are things that aren't doable
And this is one of them
I have to give this answer
Based on the facts
And it's that simple
So I'll say it again
No means no means no.

(We've all had this sort of moment over time I think when trying to put the point across, assertively too.)

Autumnal Haiku

Autumn is now here
The leaves fall on the train line
Much cancellation.

(Written and tweeted live on National Poetry Day, as you do!)