Poetry - October 2013


My mind is lost in something
I cannot figure what it might be
All I know is that it goes wandering
To somewhere I only know it'll be
I get distracted by everything
And yet sometimes focus on nothing
But all I can do is keep focussed
On what exactly I am thinking
But the mind is lost with collision
Too many things happening at once
There's a complete loss of precision
As I feel rather dippy, almost a dunce
The lost mind is one that messes with me
And it really does frustrate too
Because all I want to do is to concentrate
But the lost feeling doesn't allow me to.

(I sometimes wish my concentration levels were such that I could just focus completely on everything and not have the mind wandering aimlessly and lost. Definitely something I need to improve on.)


Nothing happens for a reason
Yet everything also happens that way
Nothing becomes none
And it just feels less that way
As none is what you often have
If you are feeling nothing
An emptiness inside
That just screams from within
You can't help but feel that
There's a sense of foreboding
That nothing is eating away
And making you feel lonely
But nothing is strangely comfortable
As you enter the shell
Of keeping yourself inside
And avoiding the outside hell
But is it depressing too
To think so much of nothing
That nothing else really matters
Not even thinking something.

(People often get themselves into a spiral of emptiness and feeling nothing, and I've tried to express that. I've had many a moment where I've felt that, often due to doubt.)


Brings with it so much
You feel it inside so bad
As the kisses just get
You just want it more
As you touch each other
As the hand strokes you
You feel that adrenaline
As you tear off the layers
You both soon become
Your bodies are together
As you feel yourselves
The ultimate passion and desire.

(I think a lot of people have been in that sort of moment where you just want each other so much you just have to be passionate with your lust there and then. Not a bad thing in a loving relationship, you'd like to think)


Everything comes down to this moment
As you prepare to take the mic
You want to sing your little heart out
Hoping that it's a song that they'll like
One that arouses the passion and fire
Within yourself as you start to prepare
Knowing that failure is not an option
As the vocals come ever near
You sing what you know so well
A song that means a lot to you
Inside you feel that energy
As the words you sing ring true
All you can do is wait and hope
That you've performed the best you can
And that someone likes what you do
And says that you are truly the woman
That can change the record company's direction
And have a number one hit song
So much better to have done it on your own
Than some producer vocode you along.

(Tension, passion, energy. No, not The X Factor, but anyone trying their hardest each week to sing their way through gigs and one day get noticed - where every gig could be potentially life changing for that one chance of being spotted.)


Back in 1981
An album was released
Which changed hardcore punk forever
Short songs that made their point
With energy, guitars and anger
That channelled that feeling
A feeling of despair
Being left behind
And being completely broken
Damaged with no prospects
Spending time drinking beer
And watching pointless TV.

(Believe me, you need to, as soon as possible, get yourself the Black Flag album "Damaged" and listen to it. And then understand what I mean.)