Poetry - October 2012

Saluting the Paralympians

We headed to London for the day
To see the Paralympic athletes perform
It was a warm sunny day and perfect
We'd had a lovely lunch in the pub
And took the javelin train to Stratford
And all seemed well as we walked around
It already was a buzzing atmosphere
Even before we entered the stadium
But it felt something special inside
As the Paralympians did their thing
Maciej Lepiato in the high jump broke records
As the crowd clapped and cheered him on
Every time someone British performed
The crowd's volume just seemed to rise
The wheelchair relay was fast and furious
With some excellent speed from the Chinese
But the final event on the track
Was the one that the crowds wanted to see
The blade runner Oscar Pistorius
Going for gold in his specialist event
And my didn't he thrash the field
To claim gold in a really fast time
I hope that London has changed hearts and minds
In that the Paralmypians are superb athletes
And their performances should be cheered
And appreciated for their superb efforts.

(It was a cracking day in the Olympic Stadium when we went and I felt priveleged to see so many top class athletes really show what you can do when you put your mind, body and spirit into it. Overpaid footballers take note.)

Hit The Floor

Liverpool are playing today at Anfield
And one thing we're sure to see
Is a certain striker falling over a lot
And diving to claim a penalty
He claims he is now victimised
Because if he is fouled no one believes
But if you cry wolf too many times
Then the ref thinks he's trying to deceive
He needs to stay on his feet
And try to show that he wants to play
Instead of falling over and crying
And being like a baby all day.

(One thing that annoys me in football - diving and cheating. Especially certain individuals as this one mentioned here - I'll leave you to guess who it might be.)

Plane Crash

Over the border in northern Mexico
A plane crash is going to happen
But it's not an accident of any kind
But one operated by remote control
As small plane follows large plane
And takes the wheel to force it down
The shuddering thud as it his the ground
Is enough to kick up plenty of sand
And for a while you can't see anything
But when the dust clears what you can see
Is how a real life situation might happen
And how best to survive if you're in that situation
The data gathered shows so much information
And it means that one day in the future
Your flights should all be a lot safer
And for that we salute this team
That purchased a Boeing 727 plane
And all the crash test dummies
So that we could see their experiment happen
And one that'll be a landmark in research.

(The Plane Crash documentary on Channel 4 recently was one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time - and really did show massively the benefits of teamwork en masse.)

I Want Proper Music

These days you can't see good bands on television
As all their outlets for performances have gone
All you've got instead is endless talent shows
Where the talent just seems to have gone
Instead those hungry for five minutes of fame
Pollute my television screens with desire
They cry their way through to the knockout stages
And don't know what it means to be a real trier
What happened to proper music in all this?
It disappears only to be known to those in the know
The musos who actually care and work their backsides off
Those same ones that you really want to know
And one day there'll be the deserved backlash
Which makes the likes of the X Factor be no more
So once again real and proper music will be the future
And not the useless talent shows I massively deplore.

(One day it will happen. I only live in hope.)

FIFA Game Haiku

Another year and
Another FIFA game out
Will it ever end?

(Sometimes I wish EA would not bring out their sports games every year. It's endless versions of FIFA, each one more climactic than the last. Haven't they seen the Mitchell and Webb football sketch?)