Poetry - October 2011

The Hero, Fallen

How quickly you can fall
From being an idol and a hero
With some ill chosen words
And actions you can be zero
And nothing can excuse
The behaviour in Munich displayed
Where he refused to come on
And left the crowd dismayed
The fans can back you all the way
But want to see you show respect
And the moment you lose the fans
Is the day that you have to expect
That you have to work harder
And be the player the fans know you can be
But instead you show pathetic behaviour
Which leaves us ordinary fans very angry
We all want you to go from our club
You're the hero but the fallen now
As your actions have made it your own fault
And leave soon as you can, we vow.

(Without putting too fine a point on it, Carlos Tévez has brought everything on himself and it showed how much he is "me me me" and not giving a stuff about anyone else instead of himself. What an idiot)


Another false Summer dawn has come
With temperatures in the eighties soaring
It's unheard of for this time of year
As there's just no sign of it raining
The heat gets really close as it goes up
Feeling that closness makes you all hot
The temperature rises and you feel the humidity
But feeling good about the weather you do not
It's all that walking around making you hot
Feeling clammy all under the skin
Wondering what you've got to do to cool down
As the body heats up from within
There's no air around and you cannot sleep
As much as you want to try to
The closness gets even closer during the night
And the lack of air makes you feel warm too.

(The 1st October had temperatures in the eighties, together with a really humid feel making you all hot and sweaty. Hmm. Attractive.)

Monaco Walk

I finally made it to Monaco
And just had to walk down the streets
That make the Formula 1 circuit
Where drivers have made some feats
Down from the casino down to Mirabeau
As the downhill slope takes hold
Around the hairpin and towards Portier
And certainly not feeling at all cold
Seeing the tunnel shows how narrow
The road actually is as you walk through
And it doesn't get any easier at the harbour
With the swimming pool road narrower too
Heading to La Rascasse and seeing the view
Drinking coffee with the exclusive
Before heading down the main straight
And seeing the finish line that's so elusive
Back up the hill from Sainte Devote
You don't realise how steep it actually is
Before heading to the Casino Square
And seeing the peace and relaxed bliss
I can see why the fans love it so much
And why to win it is the prize they want to win
I want to go back there myself and see it live
And that will be special for me, I think.

(To just walk around the streets of the track at Monaco was something else let me tell you.)


High on a hillside way up above the sea
Lies a medieval village visited by you and me
With its narrow streets and turns every corner
The village of Éze has such natural beauty
You walk around the streets heading uphill
Until you reach the exotic gardens, to go
High as you can towards the summit peak
And see the views over the bays with so much to show
You feel special in this corner of France
As the corniche unravels in the hills below
With the exclusive hotel rooms carved into the cliffs
You have a feeling it's where the rich go
Looking back up from the path of Nietzsche
As you head down towards the blue sea
It shows all its magic as you look towards the summit
And Éze was definitely that for me.

(If you ever get chance, go to Éze. You won't regret it one bit.)

Flying Haiku

Flying through the air
Landing where I want to go
Feeling so relaxed.

(It just felt so easy flying with Swiss folks, I can recommend them highly.)