Poetry - October 2010

Autumnal Rain

It seems that every day is the same
With the coming of the Autumnal rain
It lashes in with a slight ill wind
And makes you feel like you've sinned
Because this bad weather follows you
Sticking to your umbrella like glue
As you attempt to walk to work
The droplets are driving you berserk
You see no end to the clouds that are dark
You want to be somewhere nicer, you hark
But yet there's a beauty in the stillness here
And it makes you see even more clear
That sometimes it's just the season
And you have to go with its reason
That without rain there would be drought
Where water we would be without.

(It's rained a fair bit lately, but it's of the time and season and sometimes if you look outside in the stillness of night, the light rain can appear in a different light.)

Work Is Not A Social Get Together

You always see some people at work
Using their time that they should't be
The urge is there to browse the Internet
An hour without Facebook, you see
No matter what you might face
In terms of disciplinary action
And flying in the face of company policy
You click to the site and add a reaction
It seems to be an addiction that you have
Because you can't keep away from the site
And soon your manager starts to notice
That your work isn't being done right
They keep an eye on your machine
And note all the dates and all the times
That you've logged on to social networking
And now you're going to pay for the crimes
They cite corporate policy and you have no answer
Because you know that you've done wrong
Work is not meant to be for social time
And a stain on your employment record is on
As you are told to clear out your desk
Only now do you realise how stupid you've been
For once start being social in a normal way
And not at work on a computer screen.

(One of the many reasons I loathe Facebook is that certain people seem to be on it during work time when they are supposed to be working. If I had my way, Facebook would be banned at all workplaces and so no one could slack off that easily...)

One Love

I only need one love
Who keeps me happy
Who keeps me smiling
Who knows what she means to me
I only need one love
One love is enough for me
It's the warmth of her smile
And the embraces we have
I only need one love
Because that love is so great
I feel so close inside
And know that our softness is warm
I only need one love
As the one love that I have
Gives me love like no other
And shows me guidance too
I only need one love
A very special kind of love
I'm lucky to have that love
Present in my heart.

(At times like this I think how lucky I am!)

I Am The Warrior of Rock

You hear so many people
Playing rubbish music on their phone
At full blast to annoy everyone
And it just sounds like they want to shock
But some of us know where music is
And some of us want to express that
We don't care about auto tune
Because all we want to do is rock
Thousands of us descended to get
The latest Guitar Hero Game to play
We want to show bad music for what it is
And be a true warrior of rock
We'll play our songs with real music
To show the kids what they're missing
As we know the truth is right here
As we all get ready to rock
I am the warrior before you
As I build up speed playing faster songs
Showing virtuoso creativity
As I bow before the gods of rock
Playing Slayer and Metallica loud
And adding Anthrax and Megadeth
Showing my metal roots to the core
As I am the warrrior of rock!

(I want to rock. Oh yes I do.)

Singapore Haiku

Hamilton goes through
But gets hit on the left side
And he crashes out.

(Ouch. Webber and Hamilton clash, Lewis is out. Darn!)