Poetry - October 2009

Leaves on the Line

The train that I wanted to get to London
Has been delayed by half an hour or so
It makes me wonder if I'll get there at all
Because I really do want to be able to go
I'm told that the Autumnal weather is to blame
And the simple and misguided crime
Is that the trees are shedding their leaves
And they've come to rest on the line
And so they get wet and clog the wheels
Of the train that then cannot stop safely
So no wonder you don't see trees near tracks
To hope we don't get repeats of this anomaly.

(It doesn't happen much now, but the old "leaves on the line" thing really used to nark me off..)

Gordon Brown's Let Us Down

If I could say something to Gordon Brown
I'd say that he'd let this whole country down
With not managing to lead and be authorative
And having a policy of lots of take, not much give
I feel less comfortable with him in power
Because he doesn't seem to have a grip hour by hour
The strong decisions which needed to be made
Are about as weak as supermaket own brand lemonade
We need a leader who will make a decision
And not be the subject of opposition derision
But to stand by the ideals which he should stand for
Instead of not being able to really know what for
It saddens me to think that he could have done so much
To stop this country being in a recession that's a crutch
But when you look at the alternatives what have we got
And unfortunately I have to say it really isn't a lot
So if I could say something else to Gordon Brown
I'd say yes, you have let your country down
But you need to show that you can make up for your mistakes
And not let an economic recovery go on the brakes.

(All these party conferences are just a rehearsal for the elections next year, I reckon. In fact more crucially it's a real test to see just if Gordon Brown can save himself and the Labour party..)

Fuji, 1976

One Autumnal afternoon in a very rainy Japan
The last round of the F1 season was a case of who can
Keep their cool under the intense pressure
And the stormy rain made for awful weather
Could James Hunt be the one to get the glory
Or would Niki Lauda have the ultimate comeback story?
All was to be revealed as the weather sort of cleared
The race started and it was soon to be revered
Lauda pulled out saying rightly it was too dangerous
And with cars spinning everywhere, no one made a fuss
But Hunt kept going and managed to stay in front
Until a tyre delamination meant a pit stop to avoid a shunt
And out he came with a few laps to go
He realised he was then fifth - oh no!
He had to be third to win the title, he had to go on
And so with laps left he raced through the field one by one
He got third place and the title was his
But he didn't realise that in all the rain and mist
It was one such race that got me into motorsport
And you have to salute the madness of Fuji 76, I report.

(Watching the classic Japanese Grand Prix races reminded me of this classic F1 race back in the day - well worth a watch if you can.)

I Can't Stop Smiling

I used to go to sleep at night
And have plenty of nightmares abound
I would think that someone would get me
And clatter me into the ground
I used to think as I was lonely
That no one would ever make me smile
And that made me feel agitated and restless
Not being able to sleep for all the while
But now things have changed and I feel so good
That I know full well I can get some sleep
Because when I think thoughts I think of one thing
The one I love is the one I want to keep
I smile when I think about the times we spend
And enjoy doing so much as a couple
I smile because I know that when I kiss her
That I just feel like in my own little bubble
Where the world doesn't exist apart from the two of us
And that just feels so wonderfully lovely
I can't stop smiling when I think of her
And that's a feeling that I know I feel truly.

(I know. Awww. Aren't I lucky?)

Mam Tor Haiku

Once A625
Now abandoned lonely road
And so full of cracks.

(If you're wondering about Mam Tor and just why the road is abandoned, this may help.)