Poetry - October 2008

A Case Of Bad Timing

The Labour Conference is on in town
And the protestors are coming on down
To protest in droves about the Government
And so their frustrations they can clearly vent
But what about those coming to the city
That you have to feel for some pity
They're the new breed of students arriving
And the first thing they see is they can't get in
The traffic is all closed off because of the protests
Which in turn is because the Conference rests
On a junction that happens to contain traffic
But that being diverted makes the roads all sick
So everyone waits patiently for the protest to go
Their halls can be then visited, and unpacking with the flow
As another year arrives full of determination
Not to be the protestors being upset at the nation.

(It was so badly timed having the Labour Conference, plus all the protests to go with it, in the week that the students were arriving back at University. Sensible. Not.)

Two Years Of Change

It's been two years of change for me
And my life has been turned around
I'm now a different person from what I was before
And the reason is just really profound
I feel that I've been able to rediscover myself
And do the things that I like to do
This means I get to really enjoy life much more
And know that I feel much more adventurous inside too
I've been to so many places and travelled
Been to so many gigs and smiled with happiness
Because I'm doing what I like and what I want
And that definitely means life isn't a mess
Now I look back and realise that it's been worth it
As everything is pretty much on a level I want it to be
I have my friends, and family, and all the trimmings
And most of all I know that people do love me.

(I've been reflective thinking about how the last two years really have been a time where I've rediscovered a heck of a lot about myself and been a better person for it.)

The Nicest Place In The World

The nicest place in the world
Is you in my arms close to me
Because I feel so safe next to you
And that I can feel so happy and free
The nicest place in the world
Just makes me feel so content and wanted
And when I feel that I glow inside
And know that I am loved and desired
The nicest place in the world
Is for you and I to snuggle up together
So we can whisper sweet nothings
And it's a moment we can share forever
The nicest place in the world
Can be silent or with music playing
But I know that when I'm there with you
That my heart just wants to sing
The nicest place in the world
Is just one I want to be at if I can
Because I know that I feel so good inside
And that I feel so much more of a man
The nicest place in the world
Means everything to you and me
And if I can have more time in that place
Then I'm not going to complain, no sirree
The nicest place in the world
Is simply put as me with you
And I don't want to let that feeling go
Because I simply don't feel blue.

(I felt kind of romantic when writing this, not least because of the success stories as shown on BBC2's "Would Like To Meet (Again") where people had found love after the show and turned their own lives around, which was so good to see. I know, I'm a softie really. Call it a love song if you will.)

Hey Doctor Beeching (Part 2)

Hey Doctor Beeching
If only now that you could see
How much we use the train
As we use the 0903
We just were wondering
Why did you wield trains to the axe
When the environment
Could be saved as well as cash
Hey Doctor Beeching
You tried to run all the trains down
But now the public
They just hear your name with a frown
And they would tell you
That your moves were just oh so wrong
And that is why now
I felt I had to sing this song
Hey Richard Beeching
I bet I wish I could go back
To the nineteen sixties
So you could see the trains on track
That you were axing
Without some thoughts for people's needs
And now the trains are full
And it's a race for bargain seats.

(BBC Four have a documentary soon on the effects of the infamous Beeching Axe of the 1960s, and this is meant to be a lyrical companion to Pete Green's excellent song "Hey Doctor Beeching" (hence the part 2) - it's so true that looking back changing the railways then was a bad idea.)

Roxy Music Haiku

You did two albums
And then Eno left the band
It was not the same.

(Simple and to the point I reckon - simply put, nothing matched Roxy Music's first two albums. I mean, Avalon? Come on!)