Poetry - October 2007

I Wish I Could Talk To You

I wish that I could talk to you
And tell you how I'm feeling inside
Every time I want to call you
I can't pick up that phone to say
The words that I really want to say
I just freeze inside and go numb
I don't normally have this problem
But I just want to talk to you
And knowing that I wish for that
Makes me feel more nervous too
It just feels like I connect somehow
And that's something that scares me
If I could talk to you
I'd tell you how I feel from deep inside
But I can't always express myself so well
Probably because I feel so shy.

(We've all had these moments when you just can't think of the words to say. I've had them occasionally in my life, but not often.)

Fun In Fuji

The rain lashes down over the mountain
The mist and fog descends
It's like 1976 all over again
With a storm that never ends
Water is all over the tracks
The conditions are really grim and dark
It's grimy and slimy and everyone slips off
And it's no fun in this Formula 1 lark
Yet they raced in worse mist and fog back then
Although several drivers decided not to race
But the fun in Fuji and the weather continues
As the safety car gathers pace
So two hours later and with sodden track everywhere
Hamilton proves that he's got what it takes
And as for Alonso he was all over the place
You know that rain affects the brakes?

(In many ways the Japanese Grand Prix this year reminded me of the murky conditions in Fuji for the 1976 race - dark, damp and wet and with mist descending. At least they started reasonably on time unlike the 5pm local start time back in the day. And yet a McLaren driver did the business on both of those days. Spooky huh?)

My Heart Won't Go On

Another poll of annoying songs
Is counted down on BBC Three
And although I hate that Crazy Frog
There's a song that really annoys me
It's from one of the worst films of all time
That had slush and sloppiness to make me sick
And that was despite the lovely Kate Winslet
The abomination was called Titanic
Inevitably everyone remembers the song
By the Canadian warbler Celine Dion
Well I really dislike her voice full stop
It makes me want to wish her be gone
Please let me rid the world of this evil song
It really makes me throw up so much
And that's why my heart won't go on
To some dross that I'll never ever touch.

(Although I disagreed with plenty of the BBC Three poll, the one thing I did agree with was number on)

The World Would Be A Better Place If...

If religion wasn't the cause of so much bloodshed
If we could get rid of Carol Vorderman from the TV
If we knew how to cure cancer forever
The world would be a better place
If the world could work in way for everyone
If we realised the damage that we do to our earth
If we could not be so focussed on money and power
The world would be a better place
If there was a way of stopping people dying of hunger
If we all gave a little instead of taking everything
If I could just realise just what's wrong with me sometimes
The world would be a better place
If violence wasn't seen as an answer or a power
If life and death weren't so dependent on football
If I could fall in love with a special woman
The world would be a better place.

(I'm in that sort of mood. Bear with me.)

I Wish I Could Play Guitar

I'd love to write a song
That tells the world what I'm feeling
And how it connects with their world
And their views that I'm tapping into
I can happily write some words down
Some streams of consciousness
But I wish I could play guitar
So I could express my thoughts in music
I can't do musical notation
But I have an ear for the right melody
Even if I don't always know what that is
I just wish that I could try
I want to play the guitar
So I can tell the world my thoughts in song
But I know that I can't and that's not good
And I just don't want to be wrong.

(One day I will learn...)