Poetry - October 2006


You're upset because you're apart
Yet at the same time you seem glad
That it didn't drag on too longer
You'd hate all the happy memories you had
You want to be happy and if this is best
Then maybe it's time to swallow pride
And forget the past and look to the future
Someone out there will cross the divide
Time will tell, only you will know
Whether this is the best thing for you
But don't get upset, it happens every day
You just remember, you did love true

(It happens to everyone, and I think when it does you just have to be pragmatic and practical and not end up shouting the odds at each other. Sometimes I've had relationships that have had to end because they weren't working anymore and as hard as it is, accepting that is the best way forward.)

Can I Be Somewhere Else?

I am feeling pain
I am feeling misery
I just don't want to be here anymore
There's too many moments
Of times gone by that I've had
And when I think about those moments
All I feel is the sadness of sorrow
Becuase it's here I used to go to school
Here I used to be bullied and teased
Despite my prowess in certain subjects
I never felt comfortable here
I was rejected by so many people
On so many different levels
That I don't really want to remember
And as I walk past the place on my way elsewhere
I just want to be away from here
Because there's nothing but anguish
And nothing that I want to care about
It's where I started to become more lonely and insular
Which haunts me to this day.

(I hated schools - full of evil people who did evil things. And that wasn't even some of the teachers.)

9pm On An August Day

You are on the beach
The sun is setting
You're arm in arm and in love
She turns to you
Holds you close
And says she loves you so much
She's always wanted this
A small ambition in life
To watch the sunset on a beach
With the one she loves
And truly adores
And here you are fulfilling
It's the one thing she's wanted
And you've made it happen
And it's a special moment
One you won't forget
Even if you split
You'll come back here when you reminisce
And remind yourself of happier times.

(Another old re-write. It made me think about times when I've watched the sunset with people I care about and how special it's been then - so there you go.)

Everything Is Not The Same As It Was

As I go on the bus into town
The buiding opposite the Apollo's being knocked down
As I see the old BT tower by the station
I see more student flats - yet more inclination
That the place I know and grew up with here
Won't be the same give or take a year
I even remember the roundabout by that place
The subway for pedestrians was where people slashed your face
And now all I see is some skateboard park
With people in Limp Bizkit t-shirts just having a right old lark
Even in Piccadilly itself it's all different now
The buses can't fit in the station as rival companies row
And the new gardens just looks like a total waste of space
The old ones set into the ground were quiet and peaceful and ace
Everything's not the same as it was anymore
And even the Arndale's not got those toilet tiles on the door!

(A sign of how the Manchester I've grown up with is rapidly changing - mostly for the better, but...)

To All Store Assistants

I don't want this
I don't want that
I don't want anything
i'm just browsing in your shop
If there is something I like
And I want to find out more
I will approach you then
So just leave me in peace.

(I hate the way you get bothered by staff in shops, particularly electrical places. Just what is their point?)