Poetry - October 2005

Pyjama Football Party

Sunday morning means a lie in
But not this Sunday for you
A diehard City fan you are
And there's a game on today
But while most of your friends are asleep
You're wide awake cheering the lads on
And it's not even pub football
No, it's eleven fifteen in the morning
The teams are about to kick off
And you feel like you shouldn't be here
Hence you've worn your pyjamas
In protest at this ridiculous time
When people are still hung over
And recalling the pub the night before
Instead having to watch a dreary game
Until Danny Mills will score.

(Sky are taking the pee with this aren't they? 11-15am? Isn't that just ridiculous?)

Commuter Hell

You get on the bus to work in the morning
And you arrive at the stop on time
However the kids are going to school
So there's the daily ordeal made worse
They push in front of you to the front
Just to make sure they get on the bus
All claiming to pay the concessionary fare
When some of them are clearly over age
Then as you sit down and the journey starts
You see these kids messing about
Whether littering the bus with sweet wrappers
Or having the audacity to swear and shout
You can't wait to get off and go to work
And at least you finish after they do
But every morning you must endure them
And the future isn't safe in some of their hands.

(Unfortunately too many schools where I live seem to spawn badly behaved children who insist on their mobile phones going off full blast. Must be getting old.)

Travelling Autumn

I go up and down the country as the leaves fall
Looking out of the window of the train
Hoping the leaves don't fall on the line
And make my journey more pain
As I commute and use the laptop to compute
The signals are all working fine
But there's a problem ahead that I can't see
And it's the dreaded leaves on the line
Eventually I get under way
And the train's made up some ground
Only for the rain to hammer even harder
And due to safety's sake, slow down
I arrive where I want to go ten minutes late
Not bad considering the delay
And as I travel more this autumn
It just gets better each day.

(Certainly just for my own leisure and business travel the next few months I'll be up and down the country - just hope my local train lines don't suffer the dreaded leaves problem!)

Haiku For Ronnie Barker

It's goodnight from me
And it's goodnight from him, too
Ronnie's passed away
He made Porridge good
And Open All Hours a classic
That was fun to watch
Simple but fun stuff
Such as the fork handles sketch
Superb to this day
And now he's just gone
Comedy has a big void
One that's hard to fill.

(Ronnie Barker died on Tuesday 4th October - rest in peace.)

Need Inspiration

Struggling for ideas
You need a little thought
A random thought at that
To help you write that last page
Every time you stop
Every time you think
You just seem to hit a wall
And you get frustrated.

(All been there, I think!)