Poetry - October 2004


Passion and intimacy
That makes the fuel burn the fire
That leads to the love and romance
And also to the thing called desire
You know that you love them dear
You also want to take things higher
And so as you settle down to cuddle
Your thoughts just think of desire
There's then the soft touches and kisses
As you both warm by the fire
And soon you're feeling the tingly sensation
That is the lust and desire
And as you make love passionately
With inner peace revolving the pyre
You know you both have something special
When you both have that same desire.

(Everyone in a relationship has this stage - the hardest one to keep, sometimes. But so worth it when you both connect spiritually as well as emotionally.)


He goes out to all the clubs
Eyeing up the women that he sees
He knows he can have all the slappers
And not tell them about the other girls
He picks up a different one every night
And they don't know any different
They're drunk and he knows it
And while he's also drunk, it's showtime
An offer to take them home with a promise
One that some girls can't fail to want
And then it's a "see you" in the morning
As they leave for their homes hung over
But what makes him such a pig
Is that fact he doesn't use any protection
And who knows what disease he might spread
That makes him a wanker.

(Semi-inspired by Bennet's excellent song "Wanker" my take on some pigs of men who just cop off with a different woman every night in a club just for sex, and don't even consider the consequences.)

Life Is Good

You wake up and it's raining
But inside you just don't care
A smile radiates from your face
As wide as the Barton Bridge
You feel like nothing can touch you
Just for once, life is good
And nothing can affect your mood
As you leave for work that day.

(Sometimes everything falls into place and you just don't care. This is one of those moments)

Bye Bye Blair

No one likes you anymore, you should accept it
Everyone is sick of your lies and deceit
That show in your face when you speak
A face that is one of smugness that we hate so much
A leader who took us into war holding America's hand
And having blood ooze from them throughout
There were no weapons of mass destruction
So you lied to the country about that threat
Clearly you put everyone into a panic so they felt
That we had to go into war and do something quick
But as you now know, everyone hates America and us
And that inside makes me quite frankly sick
But it's not just war that you've got badly wrong
It's the feelings of the country at large
We're sick of all the spin and counter spin
We all just want the truth and nothing but
You clearly lie when you speak about the nation
Because it's quite clear you don't represent it anymore
The students you deserted when you introduced tuition fees
And the elderly who still struggle with their lives
The people who walk in fear of being abused
Because you're not tough enough on rapists and paedophiles
The sort of thing that makes the country so sick
And even the health service just isn't what it was
London gets everything, everywhere else gets nothing
That's not a positive vision for the future
By wiping out the Metrolink extension for Manchester
You're not helping jobs nor the environment
And while you sit back in your chair seemingly untouchable
The by-election results should have made it clear
No one wants to vote Labour while you are leader
So it's time to say bye bye, Tony Blair.

(Not like me to be political, but watching an interview with our PM last Sunday made me feel sick to the stomach. Power has got to his head, sadly. Bile and vitriol all round then.)

Wake Up

Hurricanes batter the coastal towns
The world watches in awe at their power
But yet we don't do anything positive
To counter act the possibility of future floods
We're all so ignorant to the many threats
That global warming brings to us all
I just hope that most of the storms hit America
Gives the nation a wake up call
And boy, do they need one
Fed by Bush and his sponsor Exxon's lies
About the enviornmental damage the country does
Where the rest of the world try to do something
The attitude of "we're America, we don't have to sign" stinks
And even Russia this week realised that
Although Kyoto isn't perfect, it's a positive step
One that America needs to wake up to.

(All of a sudden to environmentalists, Russia ratifying the Kyoto treaty has given the world a bit of hope. Hope that Bush almost took away. When you consider his election campaign in 2000 was partly funded by Exxon (who own Esso and Mobil) there's a clear agenda for companies not to care about environmental issues, and despite Bill Clinton's pledge to ratify Kyoto, when Bush took over, he refused to sign. For that reason alone, it's enough for many people to hate him.)