Poetry - November 2017


He's still a very special cat
Brother to the sadly departed Jô
He has a charm all of his own
And that cuteness seems to grow
He'll gently purr at four in the morning
Wanting to have a love from Mummy
There's nothing that Brian likes more
Than having a tickle of his tummy
He loves to play outside
Wandering around the decking floor
Tracking all the wildlife heading past
And catching the leaves in the wind with his paw
He loves to lie on the bed
When the clean sheets have been put on
It's his sense of belonging in the house
And he looks out of the window when Mummy's gone
He now comes to the door
When she arrives back homeward
And with a high pitched miaow for a love
And some Dreamies going forward
Brian is just so adorably cute
And although we do miss Jô
We know that Brian's a cat we love
And the love will always grow.

(Thought it nice to have a poem about the other cat in our lives, Brian. Still lovely, still adorable, and still cute.)

Slippy Leaves

Walking through the town centre
There's always a hazard at this time
The leaves that fall from the trees
Affected by the rain turn to slime
You've got to be careful
As a slip on those can mean one thing
Heading to the ground at an angle
And you may land and hurt something
The leaves look pretty when they're dry
As you crunch through them in the park
But when it's been chucking it down
The wet leaves are awful in the dark
It's one of the things of Autumn
That we all need to watch out for
And yet despite the weather
It seems to get slippier more and more.

(Be careful out there - I've fell over before now, and so have countless others)

Left Behind

You arrive at the train station
Ready to turn up and go
The wheelchair is all set
But you have so many worries on the go
You're travelling on Southern Rail
Unsure if anyone will be around
To help you get on and off the train
No staff at the station, no one to be found
The help point is supposed to work
But all you get is a dialling tone
For several minutes without answer
The call is then answered, but you feel alone
The next train is set to arrive
Will an on board supervisor be present?
The answer is of course no
Communication is lacking, you lament
The train has to leave you behind
You feel really angry with disdain
It shouldn't have to be like this
You try the help point again
Eventually something is sorted out
But you've been delayed for too long
That's the time you won't get back
The stress of this is just wrong
And turn up and go is just a fantasy
All in the name of money over safety
And a black mark against accessibility
All sponsored by the DfT.

(So the recent deal by Southern Rail and ASLEF just gives Southern as convenient excuse to run trains without a second person. We've already seen the "exceptional circumstances" rise from 0.06% to 0.6% (Southern claim it was a typo!) and real life figures from the ORR state 3.7% in one month. The problem is these become the norm and a breach of the Equality Act every single day. I'm not very happy about this and neither should anyone who cares about equality for all. Shame on ASLEF for agreeing to it.)


For those of you who don't know
This is a little village seaside town
Halfway between Abergele and Rhyl
Up there on the North Wales Coast
It is awash with holiday parks
Caravans littered around for miles
There's many arcades and sites
Bridges over the coaastal railway
And then a little walk further
And you arrive at the sea wall
Down onto the beach you step
It stretches for miles here
The sand is perfect for sandcastles
You're within reach of most of north Wales
You can go to Rhyl and Llandudno
Or go to see some jousting if you go
To a castle just outside of Abergele
But one wintry day a few years ago
The village was totally flooded
As the dreaded sea wall there
Which some had deemed unsafe for years
Finally crumbled to the power of the sea
And gallons of water gushed into the village
It was not a pretty sight at all
People's livelyhoods taken away
A lot of caravans were ruined as well
And the owners lost out a lot too
But I have many memories of being there
Smelling the fresh sea air as I walked to the beach
Being on the railway bridge when a train passed under
And the great blowing wind that that would create
I vow to go back there one day you know
And see how wonderful it all still is athere
I don't care if people sniff at it as cheap
It certainly was a happy place for a holiday.

(As much as I dare to admit, I do miss this place...)

November Haiku

The rain comes down lots
Autumn has arrived with leaves
As I crunch through them.

(We've all done that..)