Poetry - November 2016

Christmas Is Not In November

You walk through the shopping centre
There's no need to be afraid
It's only November you say
But the Christmas songs are played
And in our shops of plenty
It doesn't spread any smiles of joy
As the workers have to put up with it all
No let up till they leave for home, oh boy
Although I do like to do my shopping early
That's my choice to do so
I don't need the shops to have to pander so much
Because December is the month to go
Where everything always grows
And the displays are full of fake snow
Should be it Christmas in November at all?
I just think shops should take it slow
Bring out the festive display on 1st December
At least then that will be more normal time
Where the people have to listen less to supermarket versions
Of Christmas "hits" that were a musical crime.

(I do feel sorry for those who work in retail and get bombarded with Christmas stuff already. Can we not wait till at least 1st December please, oh major retail outlets?)

Grand Central Express

Boarding the train at Kings Cross
Avoiding all the Harry Potter fans by that wall
I'm taking a trip up to the North East
And so it's on to the Grand Central
I'm heading up non stop to York
And forking off at Northallerton
As Jeff Stelling's team of Hartlepool
Gives way to the sea towards Sunderland
It's a nice and relaxed journey
And I feel like Kraftwerk, I digress
Watching the scenery go by peacefully
On the Deutsche Bahn owned Grand Central Express.

(Nice trip up to the North East and back with Grand Central recently - of course I had to name the poem with a nod to a particular Kraftwerk album! Incidentally, Grand Central are part of Arriva Rail, which is a Deutsche Bahn company, just thought it best to note that.)

The Tube By Wheelchair

So my wheelchair using friend and I
Were going to head off to Brixton
And pay our own tribute to David Bowie
Whilst we had our day out in that London
I negotiated the tube map
And spotted the accessible stations
And found our start and end points
To be step free destinations
So down all three lifts at Kings Cross St Pancras
Along up the elevated platform on the train
And it had emptied when we arrived at Brixton
Then up in the lifts, two this time again
It all worked well and proved it could be done
Showing that things are somewhat improving
One day more of London will be accessible
But it'll take lots of major investing.

(It was actually not that bad taking my wheelchair user friend with me on the tube as we did recently. In fact, I think going off peak was a massive advantage, but also being able to work out a step free way was the best way. The buses are at least all accessible, just need more tube stations now...)

23 Heddon Street

I had a surprise for my friend
When he came down to London
A place I thought he would like
And one I deliberately didn't mention
It was the place of an album cover
No less than The Rise and Fall
Of Ziggy Stadust and the Spiders from Mars
One of Bowie's greatest albums of all
We turned down a little side street
And made it on to Heddon Street
There was the plaque that we saw
I could tell my friend's life felt complete
Sitting in the same steps the great man took
When shooting the cover of the album
And being there just made it more real
For me, him and everyone else who'd come.

(Another one off my "to do" list in places to see in London, and so nice my Bowie mad friend was here with me too - I suspect he was pleased!)

Happy Haiku

I feel my heart beat
With a big smile on my face
The warmth of her love.

(And I really do mean that..)