Poetry - November 2015

We Stay Till The End

No matter how well or how bad
That our beloved team are playing
And we see so many leave early
Until the end, we are staying
We may be a goal up right now
With ten minutes left of the game
But if we left and missed some action
I think that'd be a real shame
So we're playing Norwich City at home
And they managed to equalise
We didn't feel good about that
But knew that there was hunger in the eyes
Of the players, who pushed on
And got a penalty with two minutes left
We scored a winner that was deserved
Leaving the opposition somewhat bereft
All the so called fans who had left early
Missed two goals and seeing us win
Why pay for something you don't enjoy
Or is the "got to get to my car" excuse so thin?

(You'd think knowing the late dramas Manchester City have had over the years that some fans would realise this and stay till the end - notably for example the recent win over Norwich City or even Sevilla. Perhaps they don't though. I can't imagine how gutted I'd have been for example missing that Agüerooooooo moment.)

The Long Journey Home

It shouldn't take more than twenty minutes
A bus ride of around three miles home
But it seems whenever the weather is rainy
Everyone seems to want to roam
In their cars and clog the roads with traffic
And not a single bus lane in sight
So we're stuck in crawl mode on the A5184
And thinking that this is really not right
I eventually get onto a bit of faster road
As the bus then manages to pick up speed
It means I might just make it home for 6pm
But that might not be guaranteed
It's been a long journey home for some time
Makes me wonder if the lights aren't in sync
Or is it just a case of too many cars
And having to be the first one to blink?

(I am really loathing the commute home at the moment.)


I am once again an isomniac
As I feel so bunged up and full
I just can't seem to get to sleep
And that doesn't make me feel good
All I can think about is too much
I just want to empty my head
Be able to lie down and rest
And get some sleep in my bed
There is just so much I think about
I just want to stop right now
And then be able to have a rest
And sleep for hours, you know
I just can't do it for some reason
I am over thinking far too much
And when this happens to me
I just want to escape the mad rush.

(I feel like Faithless in that I can't get no sleep..)


Just me
On my own
No one else
In isolation
The night
Draws so near
All I feel
Is stillness
I look out
Of the window
And see
Just the blackness
That is nothing
Out there
Except me
Seeing outside
All I can see
Is me
Looking out
All alone
Just wondering
What happens
When I feel
So like this
Just isolated
With no one
Just alone
And nothing.

(There are times we've all felt this.)

Leaving Haiku

Handing in notice
Time to move on somewhere else
It's been about time.

(We've all had this when changing jobs haven't we?)