Poetry - November 2014

Derby Day

Playing your local rivals
It's a game like no other
The one you want to win the most
The one above all other
The nerves set in as you set off
Heading for the ground
The noise level is up another notch
And a really amazing sound
Full of passion, full of chants
As the players come on the pitch
You hope they show the passion
And not act like they're rich
Tackles come flying in
And each is greeted with a cheer
As the ones who really want to in
Go in firm but fair, right here
The chances come thick and fast
As you seek that opening goal
The heart is very much in the mouth
It's not good for the soul
But when you do score in the game
It's instant joy and happiness
As the lead is yours to keep ahead
Showing their defence to be a mess
It's still only 1-0 near the end
And chances have to be cleared
You want to referee to blow the whistle
As the end of stoppage time is near
Finally it's all over
And you have a smile on your face
As bragging rights are yours till next time
No matter what, derby day is ace.

(Nothing like derby day, especially if you win!)

Turn Back The Clocks

Heading to bed
Last Saturday in October
Having to remember
To turn back the clocks
One by one back an hour
Before I go to sleep
So that when I wake up
The clocks are all right
And I won't think
That I have another hour in bed
But still can have a nice lie in
As the extra hour comes in handy
The nights get darker
The mornings lighter for a bit
But it's a sign that Winter is coming
As the wind starts to howl
And the rain starts to fall
With the cold getting colder
As it'll get dark before work finishes
And the clocks are fully back.

(Always a definite sign of change once the clocks go back..)


The last day of the job
Moving to go elsewhere
The feeling is surreal
It's been so long
In the same office
With the same colleagues
And yet the time has come
To say goodbye
And to move to pastures new
A brand new challenge
Is waiting for you to take
Where you will flourish
It feels the end of an era
And yet the start of a new one
As you head down the pub
For one final post-work drink.

(It would feel surreal for me if I did get another job, especially being at my current one for a fair while. Anyone else in that situation may feel the same.)


My biggest fear in life
Is to be so alone
And to be lonely
Wihout the love of anyone
It scares me so much
That when I've not been
In love with someone
I just have to be seen
As being busy a lot
And going to head outside
Because if I stay at home
I'll end up with tears cried
I fear the insularity
Of not having anyone beside me
And that scares me
More than I'd ever see
I appreciate being loved
More than she'll ever know
Because being lonely
Is a place I don't want to go.

(Not nice when I've felt like this in the past - thankfully that's been a thing of the past for several years and long may it continue.)

Vienna Haiku

It reached number two
It should have been number one
But for Joe Dolce.

(Biggest miscarriage of the charts back in the 1980s I reckon. "Vienna" by Ultravox is in one word - classic.)