Poetry - November 2013


You go on a date
You hope it goes well
As the cold skies darken
The warmth of the bar
Is somewhat inviting
You're waiting
And you're hoping
That she will turn up
With a smile on her face
And a kiss on your cheek
In the background
It's Bonfire Night
The loud crashes and bangs
With the colourful display
Sets a tone you hope
Will be your evening
She turns up looking lovely
Conversation is good
You smile and you laugh
Heading outside to the next bar
You stop and see
The fireworks are on show
Lighting up the night
She puts her arm around yours
As the fireworks sizzle
So does your heart inside
You didn't expect this
As the night draws on
You feel closer together
And aim to meet again
The fireworks went off
You can't wait for more.

(Everyone who goes on a date hope there's a spark, and indeed hopes that there's more between you. I thought it apt at this time of year to think of fireworks going off in two ways as you meet on a Winter night. By the way, when I met The Love In My Heart, it wasn't fireworks, it was the whole display!)


Everywhere is black
As you wander the country lane
You can't see anything
Except the odd road ahead
Punctuated by a street lamp
Wending your way home
One cold rainy November night
Is just like any other
As your commute reaches its end
And you head to the cottage
That you call your own
But the lights don't come on
It's all darkness around you
As the power has been cut
You struggle to find a candle
To be able to see where to go
Everywhere else has no power
And that doesn't bode well
The storm lashes overnight
Eventually the morning comes
So you can see where to go
And see what the damage was
And the power is restored
On your night of pitch blackness.

(All the bad weather and storminess remind me of how if you live in the country and the power goes off, you would sort of feel rather isolated to say the least.)


It's been two years of heartache
And a lot of remembering
The not being there
The not being together
It all hurts so much deep inside
Knowing what was there
Feeling that sense of love
A love like no other
The emotion just takes over
Knowing that sense of belonging
Being without it
Frustration and loneliness
They threaten to take over
As the tears start to flow
Questions are asked inside
Why couldn't it be someone else
To have to put up with this?
It's just not fair
Being without that special person
Who made everything happy
Now it's just a lot of fear
That nothing will ever be the same
And without that brightness
Being without is so dark.

(It's all very well to be in love and happy, but spare a thought for those who no longer have their loved ones with them and have to remember their happier times in a different light, the sense of being without is so huge I couldn't cope myself to be honest.)


Four lengthy songs of intelligence
A wit and warmth not often felt
A string orchestra with their backing
Providing a darkened mood
A solo virtuoso that fills the room
And a single crushing piano note
They're all just a brief highlight
Of an album that I adore
My father had purchased it back then
And played it a lot through my childhood
I understood just what he saw in it
And as I grew up I wanted it too
It was released on CD and it was mine
Played so often on a darkened night
Feeling the emotions of the songs
And appreciating the effort put in
You don't need you gun ready
You're already dead
As you break through the silence
That has taken my place
Roy Harper was in such good form
When he played on this exquisite piece
That I implore everyone to get a copy
And hear just what I mean.

(Seeing Roy Harper live recently reminded me (as if I needed to) just how good his 1971 album "Stormcock" is - if you're a fan of any acoustic, progressive rock or folk music, this needs to be the top of your shopping list.)


The ball rebounds off Sergio Agüero
And two defenders before looping home
A pass to David Silva sees a shot
Hammered past the keeper into the net
A corner comes over and meets the head
Of Matija Nastasic to score his goal
And before half time Agüero finds Negredo
And he's not going to miss from there
Edin Džeko is fouled for a free kick
And Yaya Toure does the rest
A rubbish defensive header goes to Agüero
And he volleys it home with aplomb
Still time for Jesús Navas to find Džeko
Who turns and hits a low shot in
Seven goals make me in seventh heaven
As Manchester City crush Norwich City.

(You don't often see a 7-0, so all good there!)