Poetry - November 2012

Sandy The Storm

It comes with ferocity
Like the anger unleashed within
As it hits the Eastern seeboard
Destroying anything in its path
The rivers rise as the rain falls
With snow in colder areas
As you see the rising tides
In parts of the city of New York
You have to wonder just what is happening
With the weather being so crazy
The more I get older the more extreme it gets
And as Sandy lashes another shore
And causes more destruction
The storm surge is a real worry
For many who live where it will hit next
So do you stay and ride it out
Or do you leave and keep warm and safe
With power and lighting available to you
One thing's for sure, the damage is done
And it'll take more than a night to recover.

(It felt pretty scary seeing what the storm Sandy was doing on television, never mind actually being involved in it and seeing New York's flooding in parts of the great city.)

Emptiness in the Office

It's the last day
The place is closing down
All the furniture has been claimed
Piece by piece, and you frown
As the colleagues and you see
Just what's left of your career
Nothing here, nothing there
And it's all been done here
It's a sad final farewell
As the doors close for the last time
It's the pub for you all
As you reminisce about the times
You spent together working hard
And doing the best for the company
Ultimately recession hit hard
And how it lost so much money
It was inevitable it had to close
But you really do feel so upset
Much of your working life was this place
And it's something you don't forget.

(With the recession still hitting left, right and centre, this could well happen to any of us..)

I Don't Want Much, I Just Want You

I don't ask for much in life
I don't need to win the lottery
And win millions of pounds in one go
Even though that might make me happy
I don't want to be famous
I could do without all that invasion
Of the privacy I like and adore
As the intrusion makes for a situation
I don't want to be idolised
I don't need to feel the need for it all
I really just want to be me
And there's one thing I want most of all
To have you by my side
Holding each other oh so near
That I can hear your heart beating inside
As the love that we have holds dear
I don't want that much really
I just want you, that's what I'd like
And if I just asked for that
Then that'd make me feel alright.

(Call it a sort of love song, but sometimes it's easy to forget that beyond the material stuff, it's how you feel that matters.)

Going Back To Cornwall

Next June is a time I'm looking forward to already
As I'll head back to a favourite place I have
It'll be the fresh air, the beautiful light
And the walk along the South West Coastal Path
It'll be the sight of the sea in the morning
And the stillness of it all in the moonlight
That makes me just want to be there now
And have that moment as if it were tonight
I'm going back to a place I love
And for that I feel really special inside
With the sandy beaches, the calm blue sea
The waves gently lapping on the shore side
So when I go back I'll make the most of it
Every day I'll feel like I have it all
As I see the sights and sounds
Of the area I love called Cornwall.

(Excited? You bet I am!)

Is It Me, Or?

Is it me?
Or does nothing change?
When there's everything to change
In this world
Is it me?
Or should Philip Schofield be sacked?
For gross misconduct
And improper journalism
Is it me?
Or have we seen the end of an era?
Where weather is more freaky
And people suffer more
Is it me?
Or does everyone think
That one day the X Factor
Will gladly be no more
Is it me?
And is it just me?
Who sometimes thinks
All these thoughts out loud.

(Being opinionated is part of who I am, but I wonder sometimes if it's just me who thinks things one way.)