Poetry - November 2011

The Joy of Six

It was their heaviest home defeat
In fifty six long and proud years
And City's best ever derby victory
That totally allayed my fears
It's always a tense time on derby day
Not knowing what the score will be
But I just couldn't believe it unfold
As my beloved Manchester City
Did the business at Old Trafford
With a display of attacking football
That had even the neutrals purring
And not giving an inch at all
Even at three one up
We still went in for the kill
To put the result beyond any doubt
And to give the fans there a thrill
That they'll talk about to their children
To say that I was there
And for those United fans who left
It was more than they could bear
I know one result doesn't make a season
I've known football long enough to know
But when it's your rivals you've panned
You can't help but feel a glow
It's the sense of pride that you have
Knowing that your team did so well
Enough for Sir Alex Ferguson
To give his team hairdryer hell
I went into work the next day
With such a smile on my face
That no one could ever wipe it off
And United fans mumbled "they were a disgrace"
But nothing could make me feel
Even better than the humble pie
Most of the fans had to eat
Because our victory made them cry
It'll be a game that'll be out on DVD
One that's talked about in folklore
I just hope that no City fan left
When the score was one-four!

(Hard to believe that we'd win six one on derby day, but win it we did. Rock!)

The Photographer on the Bus

Way back in the 1970s
One man had a great master plan
He'd get an old double decker bus
And tour the country, man!
He'd stop at towns and cities
And take ordinary pictures of those
Ordinary people every day
So a collection would be chose
The idea sounded daft at first
But it meant he had a portable darkroom
And so he'd see the hopes and dreams
But also possibly some of the gloom
As Britain headed to economic despair
His images captured the mood of everyday
And for that alone it made it inspiring
When I saw it in the gallery today.

(It was inspiring to see the early works of Daniel Meadows at the National Media Museum in Bradford - if you get chance you should go - it certainly inspired me.)

Handle The Pressure

I needed to do the decking
As it had been ages since it was cleaned
And with moss on the surface
It was slippy in the extreme
Action needed to be taken
And so armed with a pressure washer
I thought it was time to clean it up
And make the back yard look posher
It was hard work at first
To penetrate the years of dirt
And with grooved decking it was hard
To really get all the rubbish out first
But once I could see the difference
I knew I'd be making some progress
And by mid-afternoon it looked a lot better
And I could see the cleanliness
The wood now looked more natural
And I'm just hope that it will last
I'd better not leave it several years
Before I give it all another jet wash blast.

(It was kind of therapeutic to sort out the back yard for winter and to give the decking a proper cleaning up - just the right thing to do somehow..)

I Love Your Smile

When you look into my eyes
And gaze at me with those looks of love
I notice your smile above all else
A smile that shows me you're happy
And that tells me you're so relaxed
It shows me that you feel what I feel
And that's a very special feeling to have
It's just a beautiful thing
And when I go to sleep
I think of you and your smile
The warmth of which touches my heart
On this oh so cold winter's night.

(Because sometimes, I can be romantic. And why not.)

New Street Haiku

Everywhere is concrete
It just seems so desolate
Get me out of here!

(As much as I do like Birmingham, New Street station is a real eyesore. Don't just take my word for it.)