Poetry - November 2010

The Mountain Is Calling

You drive your car very fast
As you head up the mountain straight
Knowing that the mountain is calling you
As you head up through the cutting
And towards Reid Park still climbing
Then it's all the way up to the top
Hitting the skyline and then heading down
Through the dipper and seeing the floor fall away
As you turn at Forrest Elbow and go down
All the way down Conrod Straight at full pelt
Pausing for the Chase and then to the finish
One lap down, a mere one hundred and sixty to go
As the day gets longer and longer
You appreciate all the concentration needed
If you're going to be the top step of the podium
As one thousand kilometres fly by.

The Bathurst 1000 touring car race - it's on a track like no other with the uphill bit being 1 in 6 in place, simply awesome and epic all at the same time.)

Camden Cram

You head towards the locks of the canal
As shops and narrow streets face you
With a small market on the right
As you head towards the railway bridge
The arches appear as you head by the lock
And you can see the little stalls everywhere
They're all crammed in the small spaces
Every nook and cranny is all taken
Even the ones underneath the railway arches
As you see so many different stalls
Selling everything from crafts to hand made clothes
You do wonder just how they load and unload each day
As business appears to be pretty booming
With plenty of tourists and locals hunting for bargains
This is the Camden Cram where it's piling it all high
But selling it to everyone in a friendly atmosphere.

(There's so many market stalls in Camden and yet despite it being all compact and somewhat crammed, there's a real kind of earthy feel to the whole thing that I can't put my finger on..)

A Warmer House

The wooden frame wasn't too good
You could feel the wind howling through
And once I'd saved up enough money
I knew what I really had to do
I gave a local firm a call
They came round and were able to quote
And could have the work done pretty quickly
So I knew that they would get my vote
They came last week to do their work
And now the house feels much more warm
It's a cosy feeling of living right now
Knowing that everything's on top form
My rear windows now don't howl with wind
But instead are silent and somewhat clear
It feels a good investment for my house
And I'm sure that it'll feel much nicer here.

(Sometimes you have to invest in the house - and certainly having the rear of it double glazed was exactly the right thing to do too.)

Guess Who's Been Ripped Off By Selfridges?

On Oxford Street at five to three
I saw something that I couldn't believe
Down by the front there was a display
It looked the same as someone's head
Despite the fact that they were recently dead
The only head I see
Is Frank Sidebottom's you see
Oh Selfridges, they're bobbins, says me
They didn't think to seek permission
They must have known it to be an omission
Which incidentally is not the right thing to do
The papers saw, they weren't too happy
And I don't blame them because, make it snappy
The only head I see
Is Frank Sidebottom's you see
Oh Selfridges, they're bobbins, says me
And all the supporters
Oh Selfridges, they're bobbins, says me
And so does Little Frank
Oh the selfish Selfridges, they are bobbins says me
You know they are, they really are.

(Selfrdges' festive display features characters which are an absolute rip off of Frank Sidebottom. How did theier management not spot that? Maybe they thought Timperley was made up as well. Meh.)

Bunged Up Haiku

I want to go home
I don't want to be here now
Too much of a cold.

(Sometimes work is the last place you want to be..)