Poetry - November 2009

Halloween's Commercial Overdrive

Coming up to the end of October
Every single shop that I've seen
Try to make you buy all their products
Because it's around the corner - it's Halloween
Everywhere you go it's all the same
With people dressed up to the hilt too
Just to try and make you spend some money
On costumes and make up just for you
So that when you hit that fancy dress
The party will start with a thriller
But by the end of the night there's the zombie film
And that really is a killer
But everywhere that you go seems to want
You to really believe it's so important
But it's only the end of October you know
So forgive me for being such a sycophant
But surely Halloween should be less commercial
As other things are around the corrner
Oh let's just hope all the shops have failed
And my heart inside will feel warmer.

(Everywhere you went it was Halloween this, Halloween that, knocked me sick it did..)

They Can't Sing

There's two rather annoying people
That have been on some TV talent show
I've only seen little glimpses with the woman I love
But they've been enough for me to show
Just why I hate all reality TV with a passion
And the happiness that it's supposed to bring
But why have contestants that miss the point
And who clearly cannot sing?
You'd like to think that they got this far
Because they can actually be a future star
But let's be brutally honest with you
Every week it's like crashing the same car
You know it's going to happen
You know it's an embarrassement to music
And the sheer thought of all that reality
Is enough to knock me sick.

(Meh. Z Factor. Meh. John and Edward. Double Meh...)

On The Button

One Autumnal day on a circuit in Sao Paulo
There was a tale of two Brawn racing stars
One who had the backing of his nation
The other had been struggling against other cars
But we knew that if a World Champion was to be crowned
It'd have to be a deserving champion's drive
And as each lap unfolded and overtakes commenced
You know that Jenson was in the game and alive
Poor Rubens suffered a puncture near the end
Scant reward for his hard work and pushing
But that only meant Jenson was on the button
And "We are the champions" he could sing.

(Yaay - well done Jenson Button on becoming F1 World Champion!)

And It's Go Go Go Go!

When I used to watch Formula 1
There's always one voice could rely on
Who would be so enthusiastic
And give you the lowdown on the action
He would sometimes get things wrong
But no one cared that much because
He really brought the sport home to you
And never seemed to make a fuss
He really got behind the British drivers
Just like we would do watching, you know
And when the lights went out to start
The race he was all "go go go go"
He used to drive motorbikes in his career
But then realised commentary was his thing
And through the years he'd go for it
At a hundred miles an hour, on a wing
You knew that when he retired there'd be a gap
That could never be filled by another talker
And that's why there's simply no one
Who can commentate like Murray Walker.

(As good as Jonathan Legard has been commentating on the F1 this year, some of these races just needed the enthusiasm of Murray Walker. Legend.)

Bonfire Haiku

Fifth November time
So get out those fireworks and
Set them all off now!

(Cos people do, don't they!)