Poetry - November 2008

Interlagos Insanity

The rain lashes down in Brazil
A few minutes before the race starts
It's another round of tension
Of wins and losses, and broken hearts
Finally we get underway
With rain tyres shod and weather bad
Then the rain stopped, dash to pits
Before the intermediates behave so bad
But as the race went on and on
You had a feeling that Massa would win
And it would be a case of if Lewis
Could exorcise last year's demon within
Two laps to go I thought he'd blown it
As Vettel passed him on the inside
His only hope was to catch and pass
Without being taken for a ride
But in the distance a Toyota loomed
That of the German Timo Glock
And if Lewis passed he would be king
And had to avoid the steering lock
As he took Timo on the second last corner
To be crowned World Champion
They should have rain at every F1 race
It certainly makes things more fun!

(Rain at F1 races equals fun and unpredictability, and my did it make for the closest championship final race finish ever!)

Going Back To Cornwall

I'm going back to the far South West
A place that I've grown to love
A place where I feel really comfortable
And there always seems blue skies above
It's where I know that I feel warm
Inside from a feeling of contentment
That I know is as warm as the sea breeze
That doesn't make me lament
The people are so friendly and lovely
The towns are full of charm
Whenever I come here it's so inviting
And really safe from any harm
I feel spiritually so much at home here
That I just can't wait to come back
And when I go I'll be smiling all the way
Knowing I'll be on the right track.

(Can't wait to go back to Cornwall, and I don't have to wait much longer either.)

Christmas Is Not In November

You can call me bah humbug if you like
But Christmas must be in December
The lights should go on 1st of that month
And definitely not in November
It's just too early to be reminded
Of the so-called magical Christmas time
Especially as the credit crunch hits
And people can't afford as much this time
Even if like me you buy presents early
You don't want to be reminded of the fact
That Santa's stuck on the town hall again
And that the German Markets are back
So please, everyone, let's wait till the month
When Christmas actually falls
So then the celebrations can feel more genuine
And not just that of the commercial calls.

(I saw most of the Christmas lights being put up around the city centre recently - it's just too much too soon.)

Going For Gold

The heat is on, the time is right
It's back on the telly and it's still trite
No more Henry Kelly but it's the same
Stupid quiz as back in the eighties, shame
It's time for you to play your game
But this has no place in the afternoon frame
It's just not very good and no one is trying
In fact with laughter, it's making me crying
People are coming to be on the show
But do they really have to stoop so low?
It's just comeback for comeback's sake
And definitely one big Channel Five mistake.

(If anyone has seen the new look Going For Gold on Channel Five here in the UK, I feel sorry for you. Genuinely..)

Love Haiku

I love you so much
I just want to be with you
And kiss you all night.